My thoughts about the conference …

Conference is considered to be a platform where people are expected to meet and discuss a particular topic. However, it is not limited to that only; conference meetings possess multidimensional benefits such as exchanging and learning new experiences and practices, sharing ideas, creating networking between specialists, immense potential for students and, most of all, conference serves as inspiration and motivation for many people. However, such factors as general organization, the content and the quality of sessions can impact the successful arrangement of a conference. So I will explicate such drawbacks below from the example of the conference that I have recently attended, and suggest some tips for conference goers based on my experience.

First and foremost, the aspects of a successful conference are the quality of sessions and the delivery of content to audience. People choose certain sessions not to spend their time for nothing, they consciously select from various topics in order to learn something valuable, so they can share with colleagues or realize it in practice. Thus, presenters should keep in mind these things when they prepare their presentations. Regarding my impression about the speakers of the session, whose presentations I attended, overall, it was quite different than I had expected. All the three speakers were aged assistant professors from two local and one from Russian universities. I chose this session, since one topic seemed relevant to my thesis topic, however, they provided the information that I already know or can read from a book, and no citation was provided. As for the overall presentations, they were full of slides with lots of listing, wording without any outline, purpose and connection.

The organization should be evaluated in accordance with the time management, namely the time shown in the program should be strictly followed. So, I noticed poor time management in the conference that I visited where quests and presenters started to feel worried, uncomfortable and nervous from the beginning. Despite the fact that the start time was announced twice, it did not start on time which in turn influenced the period allocated for coffee break, consequently, the first break out session started late and the time was not left for questions to presenters.

To sum up, despite of some positive aspects that occurred in the conference towards organization, the quality of sessions, and facilities provided, shortcomings present as well; this can be overcome next year considering the recommendations, paying special attention to the quality of the research in the selection process.  In addition, I would suggest choosing the sessions where international speakers present rather than locals; if no time left for questions to speakers, ask for their emails so you can contact them.

2 thoughts on “My thoughts about the conference …

  1. Thank you, Bayan, for your blog post

    Regarding the issues which you raised about the conference, I partially agree with you.
    Firstly, I support the complain that the time-management was poorly organized in many sections and the first section which I attended had the same problem. It started late and as the result, there was not enough time for discussion and questions.
    In terms of the content of the presentation prepared by presenters, I assume that there are no faults of people who organized it since each presenter has to be responsible for the quality of his/her own presentation.
    Overall, I can firmly say that it was a good experience and I gained a lot of new knowledge and information.

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