The NIS conference: reflection

The main purpose of any scientific conference is to provide personal and professional development for its participants and speakers, to share with new ideas, as well as to give a chance to meet people who are “stars” in this field. I can firmly say that all these aims were reached in the NIS conference which has been in this week.

When I studied in bachelor’s degree for me all scientific conferences were associated with boring, vague meetings where people are forced to participate beyond their desire. However, after being accepted to the Master’s degree, my attitude to the conferences started to change. I assume that there are two reasons which impacted on the change in my attitude: the first reason is that I understood the importance of science not only for theory but for practical usage, while the second reason is connected with my self-awareness of being the member of this scientific world.  I started to realize that from such meetings a person can get a huge experience, new ideas, and even an inspiration.

Regarding the NiS conference, I liked everything starting from the organization and speakers to scientific significance of the conference. The most unforgettable moment was the speeches of two foreign educators from Finland and Singapore. Both of them showed the excellent examples of presentation skills which have to possess each professional educator. The contact with the audience, relevant jokes and personal stories which is successfully integrated into the theme of presentation, simple but comprehensive visual aids, even singing songs all these aspects of a presentation made the unusual atmosphere. I deem that particularly these skills and such attitude lack in our context not only among scientists but among teachers who work in different levels of education.

In conclusion, each experience which we face during our life facilitates the professional or personal development. From exploring others practices and experiences we can be inspired or change our way of thinking. As it says “practice makes perfect”, therefore, the most important thing is to go ahead even it is small steps.


1 thought on “The NIS conference: reflection

  1. Thanks for sharing, Gulzhaina. I also found the keynote speakers engaging and informative. Good luck on your small steps toward becoming such a professional educator and communicator. 5/5


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