Is it possible not to overload yourself, but CREATE? Calling for MOTIVATION!


Photo credit to @uaxi

  Wake up, warm up.
  Take a mirror, ‘show up’.
  Breathe in, breathe out.
  You will have a great start!

The poems credit in this blog post to Ayana Mukuzhanova

Have you ever thought that you are overwhelmed with all your assignments and writing thesis? Do you wake up and go to sleep with the only thought: “I must do it!” ? You would better say “I want to do it!”. Now I would like to tell you one important sentence. You are not the only one, YOU CAN DO IT! Is it easy to say? Yes, it is. Is it easy to do? (Silence). By writing this post, which is far from academic writing, I would like to support all education professionals who are struggling to write their thesis and papers. I know, this time will probably hit you one day. I am not an expert to give recommendations, but I am a Master student, who could share some pieces of advice and speak from my own experience.

  Great start, heads up!
  Simply have a try out.
  You are making it up,
  And get rid of that doubt.

Firstly, try to see positive moments in your study, follow your OWN progress, and look back. Do you see the changes? This should MOTIVATE you and bring a positive wave into your studying. Do not try to compare your progress with the progress of another person. You are unique, you are different, and you are great!

  You have done, well done!
  Now let’s visit the town.
  Take some time to relax,
  You deserve to break ice.

Secondly, find your hobby. Do not tell that you do not have time for it. You have. Instead of procrastinating by doing nothing, with your hobby you will not procrastinate anymore, you will get a CREATIVE and relaxing product. For me, it is writing various poems. In this way, you will not be overloaded by studying.

  I love my thesis,
  My thesis loves me.
  Let’s create a big deal
  To support the ideal.

Thirdly, you should remember that a substantial amount of people all around the world write thesis papers, and they did this! Think of it as “It is just another paper” (Montgomery, 2017). You should understand how much you are interested in the topic of your thesis. The principle: The more…, the better. The more you are interested in it, the more you will get a joy. After you add your voice on a particular topic, you will get into this field, and become the part of it.

  Time passes by,
  Sometimes I don’t mind.
  If I had another chance,
  I would think of this twice.

Next point to share with you is time value. Do not think of the result and end of the process. Otherwise, you will miss the precious time and all the positive moments which you will never face the second time. In the case of academic writing, write everything step by step. Do not write for the sake of writing, do your best, and you will be okay.

  Never think of some feedback,
  Like it is a huge mistake.
  It is just a third hand
  That will help you till the end.

The last, but not the least piece of advice is to look at feedback that you get from your Professors as a great help, and not a punishment. At first, it was difficult for me to accept some feedback, and I got upset. Now I understand that I am in the process of getting knowledge, and I will learn my whole life. There will always be feedback, both positive and negative. The only think is to LEARN from them.

To conclude, I would like to thank my MA NUGSE id2016 group mates. You are fantastic! All of you will do their best to overcome some difficulties and take out of it only POSITIVE outcomes. I hope that this post would support you and all education professionals.

5 thoughts on “Is it possible not to overload yourself, but CREATE? Calling for MOTIVATION!

  1. Thank you @ayanairis for the positive post. These would be great advice when someone from our group might stuck in. After reading this post, I want to take all from the thesis writing and appreciate all the moments in it. However sometimes one question (may be worry) strikes
    right into the head: What’s then? What is expecting me after I graduate? Will I work? Will I study? Will I marry? and thousands of different questions. My questions for you would be how to get rid of these worries and just to concentrate on the thesis? How do you deal with this problem?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the comment @yasawi859!
      I understand what you mean, because it was a problem for me before. Now I try to think of it more in cold blood. I have short-term and long-term plans as well, but I always give the priority to what is essential for a specific moment. Thinking about what migh/might not happen is not a good idea. These thoughts might disturb you. Try to get rid of these ‘significant points’ of procrastination. My piece of advice is do what is preferred for now, and then you will solve other important things. I know, you can do it! Good luck!


  2. Fantastic!
    Dear @ayanairis, thank you for your impressive post! It really motivates. The way of organization, the style of writing and the appropriateness of the credits you made are all awesome:) Also, it was kind of new for me to know that you also prioritize the things depending on the importance. I think you know what I mean:) So, keep motivating and being motivated!
    P.S. Now I am thinking of printing and sticking it all around my room, of course, if you and my roommate are not against:)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank for such creative post) I think all of us sometimes need such motivational thoughts and ideas) To change our relation towards writing a thesis is a great idea. However, it is not so easy to follow if your thesis topic is not inspiring for you. That is why it takes time to find something that would arouse your desire to work on this thesis. As you are more experienced student, my question to you is how to define the theme?


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