What is the role of research in my world?


Research is the engine of the human progress. People are naturally curious and tend to ask questions for discovering the world more deeply.  Without this interest people, wouldn’t fly into space, cure diseases or even know how to cook delicious food. Today people stepped far ahead in conducting the research and started to learn not only the surrounding world but themselves. We learn our behavior, attitudes, movements, the way of thinking, the language we and others speak and even try to create intellectual minds. Since people are diverse, everyone has the field of his/her interest. Mine is the technology and languages. Starting from the last year I dived into the world of the research and began consciously recognize the role of the research in my life.

One day I asked myself if I am intelligent enough and is there any limitations of my personal progress. These questions were born during the maternity leave when I felt as the hero from the movie “Groundhog Day”. In order to answer these questions, it was necessary to challenge me and try to compete with others. So, I have decided to enter one of the top universities in Kazakhstan – Nazarbayev University. Apparently, I wanted to get the positive answer and worked hard for getting the chance. And I got it! Here at Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Education, I am learning how people conduct the research, what they have already discovered and which questions not studied yet in the field of education. Returning to the matter of intelligence, I understood that to conduct the research I should develop my critical thinking and think out of the box. This ability affected not only the way of thinking but the way of living.

In this regard, Hunter, Laursen, and Seymour (2007) conducted the study on the development of students’ cognitive, personal and professional identities while doing the undergraduate research. The findings of the study discuss the students’ evaluation and showed the effectiveness of the research doing activities in their private life. The overwhelmingly positive results assert the truth of my theory that the role of the research in my life is important for my cognitive, personal and professional development. First, I started to be confident in my decisions because I used to evaluate the weak and the strong sides of every difficult situation in my life. Secondly, I started to ask open-minded questions when I want to understand one’s thoughts. The latter important skill that I acquired through doing the research is to think about the purpose of activities of my life. Of course, there are other weighty abilities as time management, higher order thinking and supporting my views by pieces of evidence, however, for now, I cannot say that I introduce them into my life yet.

Overall, without the experience at NUGSE I wouldn’t even think about all above-mentioned thoughts. And here I would like to thank my professors for facilitation and support, my fellow groupmates for applauding every time after my presentations and their ability to motivate me, and of course my husband for supporting my enthusiasm and faith!


Hunter, A. B., Laursen, S. L., & Seymour, E. (2007). Becoming a scientist: The role of undergraduate research in students’ cognitive, personal, and professional development. Science education91(1), 36-74.

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2 thoughts on “What is the role of research in my world?

  1. Thanks for sharing, Assem (4.5/5->late-> 4/5).

    You present a clear, thoughtful, and well-developed reflection of what research means to you. Your writing is mostly error-free, but I’d like to draw your attention to one sentence that has a couple that you could fix:

    “Today people stepped (have stepped?) far ahead in conducting the research (research in general? no article needed) and started to learn (needs preposition “about” or change to “study”) not only the surrounding world but themselves.”

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