“What you’re doing, right now, at this very moment, is killing you…”

Stop by and watch this TED video. I bet it is worthy to waste your precious time on it, since the speaker, Nilofer Merchant, has a work experience of 20 years in leading big companies as Apple, Yahoo, HP and others, helping to grow businesses, consequently her words are trustworthy.

The TED video of Nilofer Merchant “Got a meeting? Have a walk” gives a great insight in leading active life at the workplace. She raises crucial and vital issue of sitting which is occurred to be a precursor of various illnesses. She makes a loud and strong claim calling sitting “a smoking of our generation”.

Merchant starts her speech from a bold statement “What you’re doing, right now, at this very moment, is killing you” which grasps the attention from the very first second. In her very short video, about three minutes with half, she gives very convincing and alarming statistic that people spend 9.3 hours a day sitting, which is even more than sleeping. This, of ‘course, could not be without consequences, especially health consequences. She draws on numbers such ten percent of breast cancer and colon cancer and “six percent for heart disease, seven percent for type 2 diabetes”are caused by sitting. All this leads to the realization of seriousness of the situation we are in and can be the impetus for changing our lifestyles.

Further in her speech, Merchant proposes the optimal solution for the given issue: taking walks instead of holding meeting in conference rooms. This idea came to her after one unpleasant situation: she came to the meeting where she could not fit a regular conference room and she was offered to meet in the open air. Since this time she was taking walk laps with her colleagues and refusing to meet in coffee rooms and other indoor places. This has changed her life significantly. Along with improving her health and losing weight, she transformed the way she thinks. Merchant claims that changing lifestyle is “getting out of the box” which leads to “out-of-the-box thinking”. This in its turn develops problem solving skills, since person starts to generate new ideas and ways of doing things.

So we see that “talk and walk” idea is truly beneficial in several dimensions as your health conditions and work performance, and now it became evident why this idea was often practiced by the business titans as Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs.



One thought on ““What you’re doing, right now, at this very moment, is killing you…”

  1. Thanks, Aidana. (4/5) This seems to be your deconstruction post, but does not question the argumentation and evidence that the speaker provides. It presents a detailed summary of the talk, but falls a bit short as a deconstruction. One question I wanted to ask, for example, was How did she determine that sitting causes things like diabetes? Her personal examples are interesting to be sure, but are you convinced by all of the parts of her talk? And if so, WHY?


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