Liberal Arts vs. STEM: The Right Degrees, The Wrong Debate

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This article was posted on the web page of a well-known journal “Forbes” by its staff member Sergei Klebnikov. He discusses the current debate over the appropriateness of Liberal Arts education in comparison with STEM. The main argument that author makes if that there is no right and no wrong. Liberal Arts education and STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) are both necessary and there is no use of debating over it. I agree with the author’s point that only working in collaboration can these two directions exist without overshadowing one another.

There were many sources, from the words of Barack Obama to the statements of ordinary teachers from small colleges. The author skillfully integrated all of these sources and discussed each of them to support his point. He started with mentioning Barack Obama who claimed that people who choose STEM would earn more that those in Liberal Arts. Also, several public figures and politicians were against liberal arts.  The implication that the debate started because of these words made by the ex-president was proposed: “much of the recent conversation pitting STEM against the liberal arts has arisen out of this current media interest…” (p.1). Then the author questions the appropriateness of this debate referring to various sources and calling this debate a “false dichotomy”. Again, claiming that the debate is wrong.

There is a lack of arguments against Liberal Arts and Stem. I could notice implicit bias in the way the author used sources. The author mostly refers to the sources which discuss what should Liberal Arts do to work effectively in collaboration with STEM. It means that both of them cannot exist without one another, but what if Liberal Arts education is really useless in present time?

In general, I enjoyed reading, and I do think that Liberal Arts is less valuable that STEM these days. It is just people might find Liberal Arts to be elite and high, but STEM to be the for blue-collar workers? What do you think?


Klebnikov, S. (2015).  Liberal art vs. STEM: The right degrees, the wrong debate. Retrived from


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