Hackschooling makes me happy (deconstruction)


Photo credit: https://www.lifecoachcode.com/2014/09/13/leave-traditional-education/

I was hooked by the presentation of 13 years old boy thinking as an adult but at the same time being curious as a child. The video is the TEDex talk presented by Logan LaPlante, a kid who created the Hackschooling approach. He talks about his homeschooling experience that is focused on main principles as to be healthy and happy. He makes the parallel between the word “Hack” and “innovate” or “ameliorate”. Hence, the hackschooling is making the learning process innovative, engaging, linked to reality and teach not to survive, but how to create own lives. Using his own life experience, he shows how this approach made him creative freethinker and raised his potential and intelligence.

His main claim is that schools do not teach how to be happy and healthy and it is separate from schools. He supports his claim by comparing the case if at schools it could be possible to learn and practice how to be happy and healthy. He emphasizes the practice as the key to succeeding in education. By doing so he elaborates main 8 things to practice: exercise, diet and nutrition, time in nature, contribution and service to others, relationships, recreation, relaxation and stress management, religious or spiritual involvement. Also, he proves his arguments by relying on real research made by Dr. Roger Walsh named “Therapeutic lifestyle changes” (TLC). His counterargument is that schools do not account these eight important factors as the priority. Therefore, proposes his own approach – Hackschooling.

I enjoyed listening to Logan LaPlante as in his 13 years old he brought his own idea to modernize educational system, he recognizes consciously what he wants from education and how he sees it. The most impressive moment for me is his metacognitive skill to make the step back and synthesize the information, experience or feeling. I agree with him saying that the education which is focused on teaching facts and general skills is in the past and now educators, reformers should perceive that education should reflect the reality.

However, he could provide with pieces of evidence about omissions of schools concerning negative effects on raising creativity or diminishing eight important features of successful teaching and learning approach.

Overall, I am glad that the issue of transformation of the educational system is raised by people with different backgrounds, age, location, and beliefs. It triggers me to predict the revolution in several years. I would be more than happy to be in the list of enthusiastic innovators with hackers’ mindset.


LaPlanta L., (2013). Hackschooling makes me happy, Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h11u3vtcpaY

1 thought on “Hackschooling makes me happy (deconstruction)

  1. Thanks, Assem. (4/5) Your post is a clear first step toward a deconstruction analysis. First, clean up the grammar mistakes (“13 years old boy”, “the hackschooling”, “He makes the parallel”). Then, dig a bit deeper in the evidence and argument presented: “He proves his arguments by relying on real research made…” This sentence doesn’t stop to evaluate the source or the evidence presented. The article mentioned here is just a literature review. And while literature reviews can be helpful, they can just as easily pick and choose articles that support a previously held view. Deconstruction requires you to take apart all the parts of the argument and closely examine them.


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