The Studio School – Deconstruction analysis

Geoff Mulgan in his Ted speech presented information on a new kind of school. It is called the Studio School. The idea of creation of Studio Schools was raised by the Young Foundation organization. The Studio School is a place where students learn and work simultaneously. Usually it is a small school with 300 or 400 students of 14-19 years old. Studying process there is full of practice and as close to real life as possible.

The thesis of this presentation lies in the speaker’s belief that Studio Schools will solve two biggest problems in the education system of the United Kingdom. The first problem is students’ failure to find connections between things they learn at school and their future professions; while the second one is employers’ dissatisfaction with school graduates’ skills, abilities and experience.

To support his argument, Geoff Mulgan provided a claim that teenagers understand and learn information better by doing real things and working together in groups. This claim comes from the experiences of the first two Studio Schools in Luton and Blackpool cities, The United Kingdom. The next claim is that students love education system in Studio Schools more than in mainstream schools and find it very interesting. To support the claim Geoff Mulgan presented the evidence of how the students with low academic achievements found themselves on the top of British marking system after two years of studying in the Studio School.

Speaker’s argument is supported by the academic studies about non-cognitive skills and academic results in terms of GCSE (British marking system). Moreover, Geoff Mulgan underlines that some influential people, as the minister of education in London and the head of the Chambers of Commerce, support the idea of Studio Schools. The speaker addresses to all educational stakeholders. He wants them to see the benefits of the Studio School and help in fulfilling this idea. Presenter’s tone is confident and inspiring as well as his gestures. I found Geoff Mulgan’s speech very persuading not only because of the evidence presented, but also because of his presenting style. Sometimes he highlighted significant points and repeated phrases. For instance, he mentioned: “It’s happened almost entirely without media coverage. It’s happened almost entirely without big money behind it. It spread almost entirely through word of mouth.” I found this presentation very inspiring and easy to follow.


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