“I AM GOING TO LEARN U A THING” or Levels of explanation (Deconstruction)

A post by @uaxi talks about the importance of simplicity, and talks about how your ability to explain something even to a child is a good indicator of your knowledge on the subject.

Now, in this post, we will look at a video which supports this claim and explain why it is important for education, especially for teachers.

In this video we see a successful neuroscientist explaining a single concept to five different people. Those people range from a five year old kid to a PhD student in the field of neuroscience.

There are two standpoints from which we need to consider this video. The first one is the claim presented by the author regarding an important discovery in the neuroscience sphere, the Connectome. The second is the actual method used by Dr. Bobby Kashturi to deliver his ideas and explain them to different listeners.

From the first perspective, we see a scientist explain a concept in which he is knowlegeable, and while he does not mention any supporting evidence, from his background we can assume that he has a certain level of authority while talking about this topic. This topic presents an interesting possibility of mapping the brain at a deeper level than ever before. But one of the claims he makes sounds more like science-fiction rather than reality – the possibility of duplicating the brain and all of its functions in a computer simulation. It is the claim highly doubted by the listeners, but what Dr. Kashturi does – is he manages to open their minds to the possibility. Same happened to me, and after enjoying both the information and the way it was presented in this video I do believe that his claim may be truthful.

And the second perspective is something that needs to be considered by teachers. The information delivery method. If we watch the video in a different sequence – from phd student to the child, it is a demonstration of the point made by @uaxi about the Feynman Technique. If you understand a topic, you can explain it to anyone. This is why I believe that this technique is just as important, if not more, to educators as it is to those who are on the recieving end of education.


One thought on ““I AM GOING TO LEARN U A THING” or Levels of explanation (Deconstruction)

  1. Wow. Thanks for teaching me about neuroscience AND the connection to how educators could effectively communicate with students across ages. As a deconstruction piece, this is highly effective, as you break down the topic into its component parts, and explain each one separately and clearly. (5/5)


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