I found an answer…

Before applying for the master program “Multilingual education” at Nazarbayev University I  checked the university’s website several times to learn more about this program. On the program description page it was written:  “This program focuses on the development of teaching, curriculum development, assessment, policy analysis, and research skills in the areas of educational language policy in general, and language teaching in particular ( “M.A. in Multilingual Education”, n.d.)”. However, it was not clear “Who am I going to be after obtaining master degree? Teacher? Policymaker? Researcher or …?” Nevertheless, I applied and received my acceptance letter to graduate school of education at Nazarbayev University.

So, the study year has begun: in each lesson syllabus was distributed by teachers and reviewed with students. The course teachers mapped out goals and lesson plans for their disciplines. Eventually, we started to adjust to the new system as well as with new study schedule for us. However, it was not still clear “Who am I going to be after obtaining master degree? Teacher? Policymaker? Researcher or …?”

Simply put, the post I wanted to write for today relied on above mentioned questions that disturbed me through whole semester about my exact specialty after graduation from NU. Indeed, last week I could find answer to this question. At least I was satisfied with the answer. Will you be satisfied too? Let’s check.

Last week I was a volunteer in inaugural international conference KERA 2017. I attended the plenary session on the first day of conference. This session was full of teachers, policymakers and people who are engaged in education area in Kazakhstan. Therefore, when it comes time for the Q&A the audience was very attentive and interactive by asking thought-provoking questions. The question that certainly grabbed my attention was “What is the mission of NU Graduate school of Education? Who are your graduates going to be? What will be their contribution to country development?”


The dean of our faculty Aida Sagintayeva took the floor to respond to these questions. She answered that any school at Nazarbayev University do not prepare specialists in a narrow career path. She said that after graduation Nazarbayev University there will not be exact accountants, teachers or engineers. The graduates of NU will be people who can deal with complex and diverse world changes. The knowledge gained at the university will empower students to cope with any challenges regardless their majors. She also highlighted that students here are learning to think critically, communicate effectively in order to apply their knowledge to issues that require the most complicated solutions. Moreover, Sagintayeva added that it is supposed that NU alumni will be members of society who are not going to seek where to work, but will create the workplace for the other employees.

Personally, these words made me to realize that obtaining master degree at NUGSE is a unique chance to be a person with the bright future. Yes, actually in every lesson we master our critical thinking and communicative skills that valuable for any field that you are involved in. We read a lot. We analyze each text. We discuss various topics. We work on finding solutions to social, economic or cultural problems of the society. Even the question that rose above, ends with options as “…Teacher? Policymaker? Researcher or …?” Isn’t it great example of having an opportunity to choose the field that suits you best? Due to this policy of education, we are not narrowed in specific field. We are full of options to build OUR future. Just study hard, work hard and you will certainly find your place in the sun.


P.S. Initially the question was “Who am I going to be after obtaining master degree at NUGSE? Teacher? Policymaker? Researcher or …?” So, are you satisfied with the answer or not?


“M.A. in multilingual education”. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://gse.nu.edu.kz/gse/MAIN/Programs/M.A.%20Multilingual%20Education

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4 thoughts on “I found an answer…

  1. Fascinating reflection, Arailym (5/5). You have touched on one of the fundamental differences between international models of education. Instead of preparing students for a specific occupation, higher education in many countries tries to prepare students for a future world that hasn’t been created yet. Your reflection and thought-process as a student is one that others should hear and think about for themselves too.


  2. Thank you, Arai, for your great post.
    In fact, in the beginning of the first semester, I also didn’t have any idea who I am going to be after gaining this program. Even when people asked me about my studies I hesitated to answer as I wasn’t sure and only knew that it was related to education. However, after the first semester, I started to gain the whole picture of it and realized how lucky we are to study at GSE because here we learn not only particular subject or one course but we have an opportunity to develop various skills which are inevitable for future.
    Personally, I can firmly say that the last seven months were very productive and I learned plenty of things which I hopefully can apply in practice in the near future.


  3. Dear Aray, thanks for sharing your sincere feeliings and findings!
    I agree with you that the degree we are now studying does not directly refer to that we will definitely work in the field of education. Rather we have gained abundant experiences and knowledges which lay a solid foundation on which we will build our career and make the advancement. As a comparatively mature student, I personally believe that the profession we choose should be something we are passionate about, which means that the choice comes from the heart instead of the mind. By doing so, we can enjoy our work which accounts for a great proportion of our lives.
    Wish you will have a briliant and enjoyable further career life!


  4. Dear @arailymkapassova Araikam,

    I’m grateful for clarifying the question which has been puzzling my mind for a period of time.
    Every time someone would ask me about the domain I would be able to work at after the graduation, I mind would become perplexed trying to give the answer.
    I totally support your opinion that today we are acquiring priceless skills of critical and analytical thinking. These skills will equip us with the ability to view each and every task or problem from a different perspective. Thus, we can work in any sphere and be useful.
    Thank you for pinpointing to the core and ultimate goal of the graduate education.
    I hope soon people will modify the way they view higher education and won’t embarrass us with this sort of questions anymore.

    Kind regards,



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