The importance of preschool education

       As a huge fan of children aged from 0 to even 15, I have always been interested in child development and how children’s brains work according to their age and environment. In 2013 I started working at a pre-school development center in Astana, first as a teaching assistant, then as an instructor. This was the place where I learnt how to deal with children from 8 months to 6 years, gained valuable experience teaching and working with kids and realized a great importance of early childhood education. So, why pre-school education is important? As all of us are future educators hopefully going to work in the educational field and also are future (or present) parents, I consider this topic to be interesting and useful, especially for those, who are fond of children as I am.       

Taking care of the education of a kid is the same as laying the groundwork of a big house. This will be the base for building and development of a future character, skills and abilities of a child. It is certainly important to ensure that this basement is going to be solid and secure.

Basically, the age from 3 to 7 is the time when a child gains the first view of the world around, himself or herself. Their personality takes its shape in that difficult and dynamic period of time. Their imagination keeps developing and curiosity takes the first place. Playing games remains to be the main way of their living as well as their cognition of things in the world outside. That is why it’s very important to take advantage of this period and help a child to develop his or her skills and abilities and fulfill their natural curiosity.

While working with the children I realized this importance. Comparing the kids that had been attending the center for a long time, a year or even a half, and those kids who attended my lessons for the first time I saw that the difference between them was huge. The children of the center were more confident and positive, their speech contained a rich variety of words, they were more open to new people, talkative, could count and knew many numbers and concepts whereas those children, who came for the first time to a place like that, had difficulties with communication, lacked concentration, could not identify numbers or letters, had poor variety of vocabulary. But was there something special we did in the development center? No. All that I did was teaching children to read, count and read but on a regular basis through a carefully considered plan. We played games, drew pictures, danced and sung, did various crafts and so on. They enjoyed the learning process because it was so much fun and full of interesting knowledge and activities that they were striving for.

We should care about children because they are our future. Providing a good pre-school education to them is one way to do it. It opens a road to the better achievement in school and university as well as to more successful and meaningful life. Let’s create their future together!

Image credit: Assel Shmidt


4 thoughts on “The importance of preschool education

  1. Dear Assel! Let’s do it together! I feel your emotions in this post and I like it! As you know I enjoy playing and having fun with kids. I realized that I am the person who is responsable to make the lifes of my kids happy and interesting because I am their mother! However, it is not enough for kids to communicate with their parents only. They need other kids to discover themselves and develop naturally. I like kids’ center as Gymboree The upbringer and educational program itself is organized for revealing children’s talents and abilities. They learn languages, music, games and are allowed to be with one of their parents to be more confident and adapt softly. I wish to have more similar centers and kindergardens as Gymboree. So, let’s do it together!


  2. Great post, Assel! I agree with your point of view. Children develop better being a part of a small community in a kindergarden. I believe that their communicative and language skills fortified in pre-school education act as the basics for their further life-long education as you mentioned above. The importance and priority of the teachers’ work in pre-school education intitutions are not less than of those in schools and universities. In addition, nowadays mothers tend to have a job and career progression in a couple of years after the birth of a child due to the needs of contemporary lifestyle. Therefore, I assume that kindergartens play also a great role in enabling mothers to work and grow personally since a whole-day childcare makes a woman exhausted and in some cases “degraded”, so to speak.


  3. Dear asselshmidt, the issue of pre-school education is one part of education system that worth paying attention for. However not all the families can afford their children to attend kindergartens. There may be many reasons for that but the main ones are the huge queues and the prices in kindergartens. Is there any other way to prepare children for school beside attending to kindergarten?


  4. Well done, Assel. (4.5/5) Thanks for sharing an original picture with your original post. Unfortunately our university hasn’t yet established a pre-school leadership program, but the ideas you present would fit very well in that type of course. There are two suggestions I would make to improve the post: 1) tighten the organization and work to condense the introduction so you have a clear message driving your paragraphs, and 2) proofread for word order in questions like this one: “So, why pre-school education is important?”


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