Angel of death, or why teenagers commit a suicide because of the UNT?



UNT is one of the most widescale and onerous events in Kazakhstani society. Fear covers everyone. Students are afraid to fail and to become a burden to their family; teachers dread to spoil the performance of their school; parents simply fear for their children, and reasonably so. The more closer is June, the more we begin to hear the scary stories about teenagers who have decided to commit a suicide because of the UNT. But why? Is the UNT so important, or is it so burdensome worth committing a suicide?

First of all, the UNT itself is a phenomenon with lots of shortcomings. But the worst of it is the psychological violence. It is not a secret that the school administrators and teachers taken one with another beg some students with a poor performance not to take the test, in order to avoid lowering the rankings of a school. This certainly puts the pressure on the psyche of all participants. Consequently, they start to perceive the UNT as the most important ordeal predetermining their future, whereas the failure as an ultimate verdict.

Secondly, teenagers commit a suicide due to inaccurate goals set by the environment. In most cases, a student from an early school-years is persuaded that the meaning of life is the successful completion of the UNT, and the admission to university for a grant. Moreover, there are some “pithy” expressions, as: “if you fail the UNT, you will become a janitor”, or “you will never find a job, if you not succeed in the UNT”. This kind of sayings put an additional psychological pressure on teenagers. In this sense, when they understand that the goal is not achievable, he\she loses the meaning of life. Consequently, they think that the only solution is the suicide.

Indeed, it is very scary when someone wants to end his\her life. Therefore, despite of the importance, the role of the UNT should not be exaggerated. So, I wholeheartedly hope that the new format of the UNT will somehow relieve the pressure from teenagers.


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5 thoughts on “Angel of death, or why teenagers commit a suicide because of the UNT?

  1. Dear makha09, this blog is like telling the truth of all scary stories connected with the Unified National Testing in Kazakhstan. We all passed through these steps which were fixed in our minds since our early school years. My vision of situation is not only lying on the stereotypes set by our society about the UNT, but also in psychological preparedness or better say unpreparedness of students to poor achievements in the UNT. What do you think should be done in order to prevent suicide or any other thoughtless actions for the new format of the UNT?


    1. Dear, @yasawi859! Thanks for your comment and for your worthwhile question!
      Honestly speaking, I am very sceptical about the new format of the UNT, since I do not think that it can somehow relive the pressure on the school-graduates. Moreover, as far as I know, the new format of the UNT has now TWO STAGES (testing and traditional profile examination). In my opinion, this may even increase the “psychological violence” on teenagers. Thus, I think that the new format of the UNT is “useless” in terms of prevention of teenagers’ suicide.
      In this case, the only hope for the stoppage is the main “culprits”, the parents. In most cases, they don’t pay much attention to the mental health of their children, since they are too obsessed with everyday problems: work, credit and so on. The main thing for them is that their children are dressed, shod and fed, and for all the rest they don’t have time. Therefore, I believe that if parents start to pay more attention to the mental health of their children, the situation will be much more better:)


  2. I still remember the horror I felt when teachers started talking about the UNT in grade 8 or 9. That time my mum said that I should not be afraid since it is not the end of the world. I am grateful for that. It is stressing not only for students but also for parents. Their attitude towards UNT affects the students’ perception. Parents have to be stronger and make children feel safe. That’s their duty as they are responsible for the mental as well as the physical well-being of their children. For that reason, the participation and presence of parents in the lives of their children may prevent suicides.

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  3. Thanks for sharing, Makha. (4.5/5) This is a well organized post, and based on the comments, it touches on a rather personal, even visceral, topic in the lives of your peers. There are quite a few grammar mistakes I would like to highlight, some I’ve corrected, some I haven’t:

    UNT vs. the UNT
    The closer June is, the more we begin to hear…
    Secondly, teenagers commit a suicide…
    This kind of sayings put…
    Therefore, despite its importance, the role of the UNT should…


  4. Dear Makha,

    Thank you for the post! My position on this issue has several points. First, it is the mentality of a substantial amount of Kazakhstani teachers – “teaching to test”. However, it is not correct to blame teachers because the UNT itself requires high rates in testing. The UNT triggers this process. It is a circle where the beginning and the end are not clear enough. If the students had not been prepared in the testing way, they could have been more confident in their knowledge. Second, parents-students misunderstandings. Again, it is the question of mentality. Some parents strongly believe that the UNT achievement is the only one product that their child must get. Thus, students are pressed from both sides, and it leads to such unfortunate results. As one of the solutions, I think that systematic psychological sessions of parents and students should be in place.

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