School’s got talent

%d0%b4%d0%bb%d1%8f-%d0%b1%d0%bb%d0%be%d0%b3%d0%b0-children-are-engaged-in-the-hobbies-and-school-activities-silhouette-stock-vectorThis is a follow up post as an extension of my previous ideas. There was mentioned in comments that not every student is talented. In the discussion to follow I suggest that if education focuses on the process during which talents are revealed, not the outcomes of already gifted students, then there are more chances for students to become creative.

Let’s assume how curriculum and classroom practices might change with the integration of art. For example, music in education is usually associated with singing or/and playing musical instuments. Besides the fact that singing is not an innate ability rather an acquired skill, and the role of singing and playing musical instruments in students academic achievements is an undisputable fact, music is a rich world of different types and genres each with its own history, which can enrich the content of education. Even a single song can have a story. For example Imagine, Tears in Heaven or Dudarai have real, touching and thought provoking stories behind.  As to drama I would argue that it does not necessarily imply performing on the stage, even though the shyest can silently perform a tree hidden behind decorations. A good teacher may find ways to engage kids in playing out the stories they like.  Regarding the artists, many of them did not have special artistic education, but what they did have were brushes, crayons, and their free views to create beautiful pieces. Needless expecting students to be prominent artists in making enjoyable art class, the basics can be practiced under the guidance of an art teacher. After all, to be an artist does not automatically mean to have your painting in Louvre. What is more valuable for students is freedom in trying new things and not to be judged for it.

With the arguments above I would ask, isn’t it a good idea to have two or three subjects in school curricular, where students can express themselves the ways they like, providing there will not be any assignments and the work of students will not be graded? Won’t a school be a better place if it is not a race where students with better academic achievements are praised and awarded, and those who do not succeed are left behind ignored?

3 thoughts on “School’s got talent

  1. Dear aigulizat, this blog has some brilliant ideas and offers to add some thoroughly explained subjects to schools curriculum. Although your ideas are very inspiring, as a person who graduated from a school 5 years ago I sadly had to admit that they were alien to me. May be simply because the school for us was the place of a race and we never had a subject for which we were not graded and/or judged. Definitely these ideas worth implementing to the ES of Kazakhstan. However there may be some exceptional cases where the let’s say the lesson of singing can cause some troubles in a school. This may happen in countries where the music is prohibited and even drawing is excluded from the culture. So, can you offer the names of some definite subjects besides arts, that you would order to implement in schools if you were the Minister of ES?


  2. What a miserable place it might be, if music and art are prohibited there! I cannot think of any other subjects besides the ones I have mentioned in the post. Maybe dancing. However, counting the inclusiveness of good education, this discipline can only be optional. I would definitely not dare to order anything if I were the Minister, I am a proponent of freedom and autonomy in school governing. Do you think you had become a different personality in terms of creative thinking if your school would not have been highly competitive in selected few subjects?


  3. Great extension on a previous post, Aigul! (5/5) Your voice and original ideas come through loud and clear in this piece. Thanks for sharing your bright ideas.


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