Why reading at home is important?

Today new technatoz_earlyliteracy2ologies play significant role in human’s life. We cannot imagine our lives without the internet, computers, and smartphones. We send letters, communicate with people around the world, and search for information; but we are attracted by these gadgets so strongly that we do not feel that they affect our thinking negatively. In this post I will touch upon the approach that could substitute these problems, reading and tips elevating interest in reading to be exact.

It turned out that human’s interest in reading starts from their childhood. If parents do not start to read a book together with their children from their childhood and arouse concernment, it might become troublesome in later years. The school principal in England expresses her worries about the absence of understanding among parents that spending 10 minutes in reading is a window for education (Burns, 2013). She also suggests that reading together 6 days in a week means additional support for their children and it costs less than tutoring which parents pay for. According to the educational Centre research in London students who read books for pleasure frequently are more likely to be good at Math and foreign languages comparing to students who do not.

Parents are a model for their offspring indeed. A Number of research reported children’s attitude towards reading ameliorates when they see their parents reading. Thus, each parent should find time for reading a good book.

Suggestions for parents (Burns, 2013):

  • Spend 10 minutes for reading with your children each day
  • Select different books to introduce variety of language and style
  • Read each other loudly in turns, because they will learn from your eloquent reading and you may check if they do not struggle.
  • Ask questions regarding a book: what might happen next? What is the character’s motivation? etc.
  • Make sure if they are learning new words and phrases.
  • Indulge in reading; try to dive into a good story!

What are your ideas? Do you agree that parents are a trigger for children’s interest in reading?

Burns, J (2013 September 17).  Keep reading with your children, parents urged. BBC News.


7 thoughts on “Why reading at home is important?

  1. Dear bayanassylbek, this blog encourages people to pay close attention to develop reading habits. From my personal experience I can admit that I did not grow up in a family where there reading sessions were held regularly. Having read your blog I feel like I have found out why I am not so eager to read! Of course I agree that parents are a trigger for children’s interest in reading. Nevertheless I would add that it is very important to choose what to read with your children. For instance if you give your child who is 6 years old “The Book of Wisdom” written by Yasawi, your children gets disappointed and starts to dislike reading as he/she does not understand the book. What will be your advice for an individual whose parents did not trigger him/her to read? How can they start to like reading and do the reading regularly?


    1. Dear Yassawi,

      I am pleased you highlighted a widespread issue about parents who could not promote reading for their children and it might be possible that those parents struggled with the same problem in their childhood, too. I am not an expert in this, but I will try to answer your question. Definitely, we should not wait somebody who will make magic to interest you in reading. When you become a conscious person, necessity will occur naturally. I would suggest reading classic books in the initial stage which you can easily find in the internet. After reading several books it becomes habit and you will discover that reading is not that boring, but enjoyable and engaging. I hope I could answer your question)


  2. Bayan, thank you for your significant post which touches upon the global issue of reading books. Nowadays we can observe different events which are held to promote reading books. One of them is a ‘Book Swap’ at NU, a good opportunity for NU community to exchange books.
    I see your points that educators worry about children’s reading less at home, children’s gadget preference instead of books. I highly appreciate the mentioned fact about parents’ reading in front of the children as being a bright example. Burns’ tips are also helpful for parents who understand the necessity of child learning to read habitually. However, there are those who do not consider that reading books is really needed in modern life. Do you think that children in such families might be interested in reading books themselves? Is parents’ guidance mandatory anyway?


    1. Dear Assel,
      Thank you for your interest in my post. You posed a very good question that exists in our society due to new technology, lack of time of parents, etc. I don’t think that reading book is extremely necessary tool for success. There is a number of examples when people could achieve their goals without reading books owing to their talent, prosperous parents or other factors. If parents have such a negative attitude towards books, then I suppose children have less opportunity to get interested in reading. However, I do believe that outside people might become a light in a candle like their teachers and idols.


  3. Dear Bayan,
    I absolutely agree with you. Parents inspire children. They learn from each other. Reading is a beautiful thing to do. Parents should be the ones who introduce this beautiful thing to children. They have an ability to teach children to love or hate reading…because everything starts at home.

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  4. Well done, Bayan. (5/5) As you can see from your peers, you struck an interesting topic that many people can relate to. Be careful to proofread your title twice. You have a pretty important word order mistake there.Otherwise, your writing and support are quite strong.


  5. Thank you Bayan for an interesting post! You have mentioned some interesting tips for parents! I imagined myself being a parent and reading a book with my child for 10 minutes followed by an interesting discussion. What an interesting and rewarding habit!
    However, I think that parents should be patient and encouraging with their children in order to develop their childrents’ reading habits. I would say that reading is quite a complex process because some children need support. Support will make a child more confident….

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