Turnitin technology….What does this mean for me as a student?


Turnitin was created in 1997 by iParadigms, LLC. Educational institutions purchase licenses in order to submit writing assignments to the program’s website, which in its turn checks essays for unoriginal content. Universities, colleges, and high schools buy licenses to submit essays to the Turnitin website, which checks students’ written documents for unoriginality.

As a graduate student I have experienced all benefits of Turnitin at NUGSE. It helps me to avoid plagiarism as well as it improves my writing skills. All students have to submit essays to Turnitin at NUGSE. I personally have never experienced it before. Unfortunately, most of the Kazakhstani universities do no use this program. Definitely, this program is important for many students. I did not know what plagiarism is or what might constitute plagiarism but with a help of this program as well as with a help of my instructors, I have learnt the APA rules to avoid plagiarism.This program made me think before i write. I can not easily copy and paste someone’s thoughts…  Usually, i find information, then i process it, cite the authors, write the reference list, and only then i start my  writing journey on the flow of my own thoughts of a topic. This  develops the thread of my thoughts. This is a great experience which gives me an opportunity to create,to  think, and to become a good writer.

Turnitin program also helps our instructors to provide a valuable feedback on our writing assignments. It’s a great pleasure to receive automatically constructive feedbacks which helps me to see, understand my mistakes and to avoid these mistakes in the next writing assignments. These feedbacks improve my understanding of writing.

I strongly believe that Turnitin will be used by all universities in Kazakhstanas it helps to improve writing skills as well as it helps to erase a habit to plagiarize among local students. It will really improve the educational system at universities, schools, colleges. Students will not copy, paste and will start work on their own…

What are your thoughts on Turnitin program ….?


5 thoughts on “Turnitin technology….What does this mean for me as a student?

  1. You comments, @aigerimkazhigaliyeva, brought back the feelings of anxiety I had when submitted assignments first time. I still remember the worries about the percentages, being not sure what they actually mean. I think allowing us to see the reports to learn the Turnitin software was a good teaching strategy, so that we could get the idea of how it works. I agree that other universities should exploit the technology to avoid such an egregious phenomenon as plagiarism and I also think that raising the awareness of academic honesty goes beyond using the tool, it must be imbued in consciousness that it is equal to stealing somebody’s money. However, as Fitzgerald says, we can’t judge people for the opportunities they didn’t have, but what we can do is to share our experience and disseminate the value of being academically honest.

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  2. Thank you Aigul for your comment! I fully agree with you that it’s not just about the technology but more importantly people should be honest with themselves. Definitely, honesty should be spread in the academic environment as one of the key values!


  3. Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm for Turnitin, @aigerimkazhigaliyeva. I absolutely agree that this is a wonderful technology that helps both the teacher and the student. It is a convenient tool for giving and receiving feedback on writing, assessing, and checking against previously submitted texts for similarity. But it has its limitations as an anti-plagiarism device: plagiarism includes not only copying exact text without quotation marks, but also borrowing ideas without citing the source. In theory, one can easily learn to circumvent Turnitin originality check by applying some clever paraphrasing. Spotting this type of plagiarism, I am afraid, will probably never be possible without a teacher who has a broad and up-to-date knowledge of his or her field. So, Turnitin is great, but we need more than just a computer programme to get rid of plagiarism in higher education.


    1. Thank you Andrey for your comment! I agree that some students are able to circumvent this program. This will be my next topic for the blog:)))


  4. Thanks for the stimulating post. (4.5/5) As we discussed in class, the introduction of this post could use some guiding focus. By the end of the first two paragraphs, it is still a bit unclear as to the central focus of the post. Yes, it is about Turnitn, but that’s only the topic. Plan out your purpose and make that clear in strong organizing language in all the posts you write.

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