An education powerhouse

As you may have guessed from the title, I am going to talk about a recognized leader in the sphere of education: Finland. For the last few decades, its educational system has proven to be the best according to international rankings as PISA, the professionalism and teacher-training programs, innovative approaches and ICT sector in education. Thus, it is quite logical that they would want to use the accumulated experience and expertise to develop the economics of the country.

Education export has become an important part of politics and economics in Finland (“Education Export Finland”, 2016). It is implemented in the classical form of attracting foreign students, and in the form of training foreign experts and providing consultancy services. It is of paramount importance to train and qualify teachers and to develop the structure of professional education.  It is equally important to develop information technologies and increase the quality of education in both state and private educational institutions. A group of finish organizations works on making a proven experience an export good of international level.

According to their website, they do not export science degrees but create a coherent educational system taking into account specific needs. Moreover, there is an educational consulting.  Depending on the needs of a specific country or a region a group of experts identifies the desired level of education and the necessity of providing certain services.  The possibilities for future developments are considered as well.

Finnish experts work in some Arabic countries, and educators from different countries visit Finland to attend special training programs. Moreover, Kazakhstani authorities have highlighted the importance of fostering the cooperation between two countries for several times (“Kazakhstan and Finland,” 2016). Thus, in the view of education reforms in Kazakhstan, it is only a matter of time, when the government will decide to seek help from Finnish experts.

We can only hope that if it happens not only Finnish exports will find a way to improve our educational system but also our government will create opportunities for those changes to happen. As they say, “God (in our case Finland) help those who help themselves.”


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5 thoughts on “An education powerhouse

  1. Thanks Dana! (5/5) This post is excellent, from start to finish. My only suggestion would be to engage with the authors who have already written about Finland. How can you build on their ideas?

    @ladyfromkz, and @aigerim2016, what do you make of @danasan13‘s post?


    1. Thank you Dana! The post is very interesting! It relates to my post on the implementation of trilingual policy in Kazakhstan. Currently our government works on studying the Finnish experience in order to develop the quality of education in the country. The Kazakhstani authorities try to improve the field of the advanced research and high technologies in education. I would say in the field of the higher education and vocational.
      I have recently watched the news on TV and heard that the Kazakhstani delegation went to Finland in order to see how does the Finnish education system works. It is a well known fact that the Finnish educational organizations are autonomous as well as teachers who have their own independence in terms of assessments, teaching materials and etc.
      I fully agree with you that the Finnish experts will find a way to improve our educational system. Therefore, our experts from the MES should take into consideration the international practices of introducing quality education in order to avoid mistakes in planning as well as to be able to construct a well-planned language policy in education.


      1. Aigerim, thank you!
        Nowadays, when extensive reforms are being undertaken in our country in the sphere of education it is of crucial importance to study and carefully examine experiences of leaders in the field. Unfortunately, sometimes the approach of local authorities is to implement changes without considering local peculiarities and differences within the contexts. This might be the reason for some problems. Thus, I believe that services provided by Finland on education import may help us to move educational reform forward as they not just “copy and paste” what worked best in their country, but carefully plan and design after considering the situation in Kazakhstan.


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