How to cope with deadlines at NUGSE?

httpengage-franklin-eduHow do you cope with a deadline? The deadline is the word that provokes every student to be scared and start to procrastinate. The life of a student changes when deadlines come closer. The studying at NUGSE is as difficult as taking part in a marathon where the end of a distance is the most willing but exhausting. However, I can state that everything is possible and the deadline is not the thing to think different about. Some rules of mine presented below might help students studying at NUGSE get rid of anxiety about deadlines.

The first and foremost rule is to create the calendar where all deadlines will be marked, and the most essential is to highlight the dates to do a particular task. As for me, I had four final papers to deal with in the first semester. It was scary, but I tried to find the best solution to overcome sleepless nights. I dedicated one week of thorough work to one final paper. It took from three to four hours each day, but it was not so difficult. In general, I had four weeks to work on four final papers. At that time I could find free time to go to the gym, to meet with my friends, and enjoy the life as it is.

The second rule is additional to the first one, and it is more as a piece of advice. Even if you perfectly planned the first step, another problem may appear and spoil all your efforts. It would be better to draw your attention to the time of a day when you are going to write your paper. You should choose the time when nothing and nobody could reach you. Every student while doing his or her research should always remember that the appointed time they chose is for reading articles and writing a paper; and chatting with friends, drinking water, eating, sleeping, looking at your amazing face and body at the mirror, all these unexpected feelings of doing something else have to be postponed.

There is a substantial amount of rules to follow concerning this topic. The points mentioned above might be of a help to every student having difficulties with deadlines. Based on my experience, I can say that these two rules work great together to create safe, stress-free, and productive atmosphere of studying at NUGSE.


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7 thoughts on “How to cope with deadlines at NUGSE?

  1. Dear Ayanairis,
    Thank you for sharing with your advice. I believe it will be useful for graduate students, particularly freshmen, and that is exactly what I did in writing my final papers. I also printed the calendar, marked all the due date of the finals on it and hang it on the wall in order to remind dates. I devoted each week for different papers. However, at times not everything was carried out how I planned, because we are not robots. Thus, a few times I just walked around the campus to get fresh air or went to Khanshatyr, and did not think about my research. In addition it is extremely important for me to get started any of the assignment at the beginning of two weeks, so I won’t panic and calm down to ponder over my research.

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  2. Dear Ayana, I also want to thank you for such an interesting and rather useful information. As I have been known you for about 5 months I noticed at once that you managed all of your assignments in time, and I always wondered how you did that. Now I understand. Unfortunately, I myself did not have any planning system att all and that was one of the reasons, probably the biggest one, why I could not cope with many of my assignment deadlines. I tried to manage lots of things at once, but it did not work. However, instead of making a plan for a week or some to-do list, I got stressed and nervous and had a slow progress in my studying. So from this semester I decided to apply this system and hopefully expect to become more organized and accomplish all my assignments long before the deadlines.

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  3. Dear Ayanairis,
    It is good to read your experience in coping with the deadlines which are common for all students. You have mentioned the right way of student’s self-control and organizaton. But what if students fail in attempts to organize themselves properly? What would you recommend to them? What do you think about Councillor’s inspiration works?

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    1. Dear Asselt,
      Thank you for your comment and a very thought-provoking questions. Every person is unique, and for some students the process of organization seems to be a problem. However, it is the question of time. While being a bachelor student, I had started doing this kind of work unwillingly, but I pushed myself to try my best. It is now a habit – to be organized. It depends on the person and his/her desire. Still, I would recommend to think about the time when you finish one portion of work, then you can have a rest and enjoy doing your favourite things. Also, a student should think about the main reason why he/she needs to do it, whom they tried their best for. It may motivate.


  4. Well done, Ayana! (5/5) Your post is directly linked to a common struggle that many students, undergraduate and graduate alike, face while adapting to a new learning environment. With 12-15 hours of class per week, student indeed have a lot of freedom to complete their coursework and major projects on their own time. I agree that your suggestions may help some readers still fighting the “deadline battle”.

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  5. Dear, Ayana! Thanks for sharing with your helpful experience in coping with deadlines. Personally, it was really interesting and informative for me to learn how to deal with scary deadlines, as I am not well organized as you:) Indeed, I do also believe that the procrastination is an immensely valuable skill of a student, which helps to maintain the peak of your productivity at a high level for a long time(in my case it lasted for a week). So, the last week before the deadlines was the most productive week I have ever had in my student life full of scary, anxiety and, of course, sleepless nights. Eventually, a pleasant feeling of relief after I have finished all my finals is inexpressible:) It may sound awkward, but this kind of experience was worth of it. Don’t you wanna try this semester?:)

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  6. Ayana, you raised very important topic. It was very interesting to read about your methods of coping with deadlines. The first rule that you suggested is existing in our room. Our wall was full of the stickers with the name of the subject and it’s deadline. Also, it was written some days of appointments with the professors regarding the final papers.

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