Professionalism in education

Despite major or career, professionalism requires an outstanding experience and consistent personal qualities. Professionalism in education related three concepts such professionalism, professional identity and personality. In this post I want to explain these concepts to clarify their roles to understand professionalism in education. I will share about the relations of professionalism, professional identity and personality in educational professionalism and my reaction.

There is a strong relation between professionalism, professional identity and personality in education. In the blog, Exploring professionalism in education (2015), it says that professionalism in education depends on personal development in professional practice (para. 1). It means that personal and professional development in education is very close and interconnected, and they shape professional identity and position. Hence, a strong personal motivation toward professional development is a successful key becoming professional in education. In other words a reasonable attitudes and behavior on the basis professional development influence on the action of professionals to change and develop themselves further in education. Also, professionals in education identify themselves according to their position and personality. They can have multiple roles and responsibilities, and their professional identity therefore is plural. Their positions can gradually grow over time. Meanwhile, professionals in education construct their personality on the basis of their personal qualities, motivation and attitudes toward reality.

I strongly agree with these statements about professionalism in education. Indeed, motivation is an impetus to act and behave in particular way. That is why motivated professionals seek continuously development and attempt to become a master of their work. External factors such as a social demand can also influence on acting and behaving. Because of their personal qualities, they can be tolerant and consistent in their continuous development.

In conclusion, professionalism in education is related to personal qualities and continuous developments of professionals in their real practice.  This is because they act and behave according to their personal qualities and develops continuously over time.


Exploring professionalism in education, (2015, March 23). Retrieved from




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