How to improve communication skills

Communication skill is very important to people to interact and understand each other. Many aspect of our life, we relate other people and establish relationship. To avoid misunderstanding it is pivotal to learn communication skills. It helps us to understand other and be understandable for others. There are five ways of communicating effectively in with people in social life and work. I want to share with you about these communication tips which offered by Melanie Pinola (2014) in her blog, Top ten ways to improve communication skills, as important effective ways for people who are going to improve their communication skills.  I will discuss five effective tips of communication skills.

  1. Controlling your posture. Along with words, people’s body language tells many things about our attitudes and thoughts to our interlocutor. For instance, if we cross our hands saying that we are open to discussion or we look at our phones saying we are listening to carefully our listener, it will not be effective conversation and irrespective others’ time and effort. We must control your body to communicate effectively by making eye contact and adopt appropriate and confident pose for better communication. Hence, it is necessarily important to manage our body position along with words in communication.
  2. Avoiding hesitation. Our hesitations disrupts our communication because interlocutor can confuse or get bored by our repeated um’s and ah’s. Therefore, it is important to practice speaking without hesitation. Hence, it is time to correct our hesitation habit by speaking to the point.
  3.  Advance preparing a small talk. In many cases when people do not have something to say the keep silence. Small talk that is useful and common both of you can make meaningful your conversation with other people.  In our case, we can prepare any educational news which has a valid for our professionalism.
  4. Asking questions and repeating last words. When we are conversing with other people, we can mishear their words. In such case it will be better if we ask question for clarification or we can kindly ask to repeat the point similarly repeating least words.  Such actions show our interest to our interlocutors talk and intention to understand him.
  5. Speaking according to our audience. We need to adjust our speaking style due to our listener or interlocutor. It is like if we speak with child, we can be calm and friendly and joke but with professors we need be serious. It will be better if we consider our interlocutor’s perspective in our mind to address appropriately.

These considerations about our way of communicating have pertinent value to improve our communication skills. We do not pay attention for our habits which disrupt our relation with others. Communication is also art and these tips help us to master our talent. Therefore, it is time to improve our habits and master our communication talent. It will contribute to our personal and career life.  We need to respect and understand and be understandable for people who are closer and live or work together. It presents also our professionalism in our career. In education we work with and for people.

In conclusion, these five effective communication ways improves communication talent of people because these ways lead to understand others and be understandable for others.


Pinola, M. (2014, June 14). Top ten ways to improve communication skills [blog post].Retrieved from


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