Career Development and Building Happy Life

Being a potential graduate of NUGSE I have been asking myself, what am I going to do after completing Master’s Degree? This question sounds natural for the many of graduates who are planning their career. In order to find answer to this question I started to listen people’s narratives about how did they find themselves and how did they find meaning in their day to day life. I had watched different sort of TED talks and listened to perspectives of coaches and entrepreneurs, musicians and engineers, women and men, youth and adults. Interestingly, I found common patterns in their speech such as: values, unique talents and meaning of your job.

First, most of speakers were constantly claiming that, every person should have certain set of values and should be aware of them. If you have values in your life path you will invest and commit to those things. Therefore, you start your day with excitement and finish with satisfaction that you do what you value and share your value with surroundings. For example, Ryan Clements(2015) in his speech articulated that he rediscovered himself after looking closer to his values and started to do things that he found value. He believes that cars or houses do not define us, what defines us is whether our values are aligned with our daily practice. Thus, I agree that committing to the activities that you appreciate more and that keeps you motivated.

After, I noticed a repetition of ideas in determining your future job is person’s unique abilities. Though, the topic what are your strengths is quite common in psychology. Still, it worths to scrutinize about things that we can perform at high level. According to Ashley Stahl (2014), sometimes people may ask you to teach certain things or ask for an advice or your professors might acknowledge those abilities. Itis  exactly who you are and you can start from refining and developing those skills in order to get pay of them.

The final point is a bit similar with the first argument, but it is more about contributing to society. I mean, your job should somehow make a positive contribution to lives of other people. Why happiness of other people is important when we talk about individual career? The reason is that you will feel happier and satisfied with your job if you make some positive changes to people’s life (Leipzig, 2013). For example, for the question what do you do, you can just say I am a teacher or you can add significance to it, saying I rear future scholars, engineers and even MPs who will develop our country for better future. It is not just uttering fancy phrases with your interlocutor, but spending your entire working life for something meaningful.

To wrap up, there are might be lots of other advices to for building our bright future, however values based on humanity remain actual all the times. I hope that determining you values, investing on your unique abilities and adding significance to you occupation will make our career life more interesting and engaging.



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