Blog comments

For me, it’s a great chance to write blogs.  In fact, I used to post on another blog site before, but not so often and even with tiny texts.  At that time, blogging was just a supplement of sharing of my stories and emotions.  I got comments from readers on my short posts from different places with the help of the Internet. The Internet is a vast platform which gathers everyone all over the world and it shortens the distance between bloggers and readers.

Now, as a blogger of NU Writing, I would say that I am a novice writer. Because blogging here is not as simple as what I did before, it requires thoughtful writing with certain word count, as opposed to my previous careless and superficial work. I am undertaking this task for assessment and self-development. Just for the sake of the curiosity, I began to think about comments on the posts.  In my understanding, insightful comment is a meaningful dialogue and a good source of learning.

Valuable comments are good conversations between readers and bloggers. I would not include any fake comment or repellent mockery of others’ work. Indeed, some Internet users post their aggressive comments in their uncivil tongue which discourage the normal communication. In such deteriorated communication, it’s hard to obtain any useful information from the commenters. While negative comments lead to aggression, positive comments are the thoughts of readers and the respect. I appreciate comments from good-mannered readers, they give you pertinent feedbacks on the topic, and they criticize your work rationally. From that point, you would understand which part needs improvement. Good writing and thinking skills can accrue from these effective comments. You both, either commenters or bloggers seem to indulge in a worthy dialogue.

These comments also offer a great opportunity to learn from others. Comments implicate one’s evaluation. Readers share their opinions and feedbacks in relation to your post. They can add information on that topic, and they can also correct if the content does not fit the truth or anything wrong. After that, you look over the comments. These comments enable you to rethink the topic, receive new information and attain to knowledge. Basically, you are learning something new from these precious comments.

To conclude, insightful comments encourage bloggers to learn from commenters and to talk with readers. That’s how I perceive these comments in my writing, and what about you, smart readers?

PS, please comment and share your own thoughts on commenting.



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