Being a student again

I applied for a master degree at Nazarbayev University because I felt that I need to grow as a professional, to learn something new, to look for opportunities which exist beyond my surroundings. I am definitely reaching those goals and enjoying my student life. However, I am also noticing the things that I did not expected and I would not be able to notice them if I was not a student. Particularly, I have started to reflect on how I teach.

I have three years of teaching experience but I did not realize how being a student yourself can make you think about effective teaching. I observe how my instructors structure the lesson and deliver the content and I see how my groupmates and I react to it. In some cases I notice positive atmosphere and attitude, relevance of every assignment and activity, clear goals and diversity on the sessions. When I see that I immediately think that I should try it on my lessons and take those faculty members as role models in teaching. I enjoy those lessons as a student but also as a teacher.

There are also the cases when I am not satisfied with how a session went or how a particular professor or instructor act. Sometimes I and my groupmates feel that we are uncomfortable or bored or dissatisfied during our sessions. Professors might be very good at their areas of expertise but not all of them are good teachers and sometimes it has an effect on our study. I have noticed that I make the same mistakes as my instructors or professors. Sometimes I overuse a particular type of activity, presentation on posters for example, or ask too many questions from students, or give a task which is not very relevant and important. I could understand it only when I became a student myself.

It is interesting to be a student again after being a teacher for a long time. I am glad that I learnt many lessons from this experience. What are the things that you did not expect to learn while being a student?

2 thoughts on “Being a student again

  1. It is very interesting how some of your ideas presented in this blog coincide with my own.
    Being a teacher with 7 years of working experience, just like you I sometimes I try to reflect on what went well and which aspect of the lesson was unsuccessful. However, the biggest discovery I made this year is that I thoroughly enjoy being a carefree student again. Sometimes I feel like I am 18 once more, fresh out of school and doing my best in University.


  2. It is an interesting post. I appreciate your sharing with your experience. This is because we can always learn from our insructors how to teach and organize the session. Personally, I heve learnt how to include crtical thinking apprach in the instruction because they always give us assignments which trigger our high-order thinking. Simaltaneausely, I attempt to use these skills and approach to plan my daily schedule. I ask question as why and how will I finish this assignement? Do they have value for me? etc. I thank my instructors for using such questionning appraches in their instruction. But in your case, you have similar position as an instructor. I am very glad that you could transfer your knowledge to your classroom practice.


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