I am a master procrastinator

Urban T.(2016, April 6). Inside the mind of a master procrastinator. [TED talks]. Retrieved from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMOHfgKxuYI

Procrastination is a pain for me. I always postpone my work and suffer from such a repeated behavior. Procrastination is an obstacle for me. I hardly achieved the goal as I plan and even I surrender myself for such an insane action. After all, I realized that I am a procrastinator and even a master of it.

Yet, I’m not proud of being a master at procrastinating.  A voice inside my body warns me all the time; he tries to persuade me not to run out of time. “Stop procrastination”. To tell the truth, I so much admire non-procrastinators who indeed effectively manage their time. I was inspired to talk about my experience of being a master procrastinator; and I am still, when I watched the video from one of us. Tim Urban, also a master procrastinator, gave a TED talk about the mind of procrastinators publically. It’s conceivable that procrastinators have vast similarities in their experiences. He completed his senior thesis (90 pages) at two nights. And I have done less but 15 pages over 72 hours. Both papers were unqualified.  For others, I would suggest that never try this and risk yourself.

As a master procrastinator, I performed excellently in both short-term and long-term procrastination. While short-term procrastination has an obvious deadline, long-term procrastination extends without deadlines (Urban, 2016). My rush paper is one example of short-term procrastination where my panic monster woke up, and naughty monkey escaped. Urban (2016) in his presentation explains the three different roles in our brains of procrastinators, for example, rational decision-maker, instant gratification monkey and panic monster. All the fault of procrastination can be blamed at this monkey who only seeks for ease and fun. Once panic monster appears, the decision-maker gets the chance to control the whole system. It seems that everything goes right.

Long-term procrastination is endless for all of us. We might put off the plan of travelling for some reasons; we might change schedule which we desire and so on. And we are absolutely aware of no stipulated deadline for us. Thus, we are in the process of procrastination within our monkey. For instance, I hatched some good plans for me such as gym exercise, travelling; however, I did nothing. I am not sure when I can get this work done.

Finally, I said something true about me. I am a master procrastinator.  Being experienced procrastinators, there is a need to think over why we are procrastinating as well as how to stop procrastinating.



4 thoughts on “I am a master procrastinator

  1. Hi. This is really interesting to know that the previous year students were not the only procrastinators))))))
    You know, sometimes it can have advantages as well. Especially, when you realize your hidden physio-psychological talents, you thought you never had!))))

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    1. Thanks for your comment. Yeah, everyone procrastinates in the statement of Urban, perhaps in long-term or shortly. Mostly students procrastinate quite often and include me. Mine is just worse. Every coin has two sides, but I haven’t seen its merits in my life. For me, procrastination acts as a bad guy who intends to destroy.(((


  2. Dear procrastinator 🙂

    Thank you for being honest with your readers.

    I would like to tell you, that you do not need to be confused about procrastination. If you keep submitting your assignments before the deadlines, there are still grounds for hope! Sometimes, if I have an important assignment that I cannot complete in a short period of time, I do procrastinate and wait for the muse. Luckily, several day before the deadline my brain wakes up and the muse comes. You may not know that your brain works in the same way. Thus, while you procrasinate, make a to-do list of less effort-consuming tasks. Keep procrastinating wisely!

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    1. Thanks for your valuable advice and comment. You know that I am not an amateur procrastinator, but rather a master. What I suffered from my endless procrastination makes me feel that procrastination is a disadvantage or even a bad energy. I am not confused, but too worried about my student life. Because as a student, you have different assignments which wait for you to complete. In this case, my procrastination impedes me to move ahead and finish all tasks in time. Still, I never agree at asset procrastination for the sake of too much time waste. Even to-do list does not always work for me because I list a bunch of tasks which need to be done. As a master procrastinator, I would persuade myself to stop procrastination and be a non-procrastinator. And I will try to wisely use my time in the future. Huh, future. I will try anyway. Again, thanks for your suggestion.


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