Features of British education

Great Britain is one of the leaders in the world educational system and its Universities take high places in the international leack table. Therefore, I want to share my education experience in the UK. I studied in the pedagogical internship program for 9 months at Reading University. My impression I divided into three main parts: educational coast, studding process and student life.
In my point, Universities coasts are the most arguable issue everywhere. Parents and other stakeholders think about price and quality. The price in the UK very high but government fines the best conclusion to give opportunity to studying. They, as many other countries, offer educational credits but I was impressed by the way how it return back. I think is the best decision because graduates don’t have obligation to return all money immediately, you do it only when you will get a good job with high salary. This process shows how people can get outcome of their degree.
The next point is discussion about studying hours. In the UK I read the article where author raises the question about contact hours, and he disagreed with Universities which provides only 2 or 4 hours a week per students and the remaining hours are for self education. Thus, author writes that it is improperly to pay twenty thousand pounds per year and have only 2 tutorial hours a week. Of course, Universities organize many different open lectures, conferences, seminars and other events to engage students, but I think lectures and practical work particular in your major will be more useful and can be combined with self-evaluation.
The third impression is student life. At the first I want to emphasis that I don’t blame English students but I was surprise when I saw how much they drink. One of our lectures said that alcoholism among young people becomes the big problem in Universities. It is dangerous signal for society and Universities should think about it.
In conclusion, I want to say that the UK Universities give a good education but at the same time they have outstanding issues. When I was going to Britain I thought that the UK Universities were ideal organization however, after 9 months I changed my mind. No one in the world can be perfect and Kazakhstan education system also has some good practice which we can share.

1 thought on “Features of British education

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience, akmaralt. Did you have so few contact hours with professors as well? And do you think that the time you had was enough to gain the deep knowledge of the subjects?
    As for the financial aspect of studying in Britain, I believe such system lets students be more focused on their education rather than working. If we compare it to Kazakhstan, many students have to work to pay for their education and as a result, it influences the quality of education they get and creates additional opportunities for corruption in higher education. Do you think that there are any shortcomings in the British system of money repayment?
    (I wonder if the amount of alcohol poor students drink is linked somehow to the number of tutorial hours they have per week)


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