Live United

For a stranger, it is very interesting fact to know that there are about 130 nations and nationalities live in the Republic of Kazakhstan with its territory of about 2.717.000km² in peace and tranquillity for about 25 years. Since its independence, many representatives of various nations and nationalities left for their historic motherlands, and even more number of compatriots came back to their home country – Kazakhstan. 17.519.000 people (StatCommittee Ministry of Economy, 2015) share different cultural heritage, customs and traditions, holidays and devotions with each other.

The hallmark of being tolerant and respectful to other nations around is the hospitality and open-heartedness of local Kazakh people. Since my childhood, I had been surrounded by people with different languages and viewpoints, but all of them were kind and nice people. We were together in happiness and grief. We could feel everything with our hearts and mind. We understood each other very well. From one hand, they are different, and from the other hand, they are similar. They are different because they have their own language, culture and religion, and at the same time they are similar because they respect, love and value us and the environment that they live and breathe.

We all learn from each other. Sometimes we argue with each other telling that this or that is in our culture, or in their culture, this or that is taken from this or that nation, etc. At last, we come to conclusion that we should be thankful; otherwise we would not have such marvellous tradition or food or something else. We invite each other on the occasion of marriage, sundet-toy (i.e. circumcision), uzatu-toy (i.e. farewell party for a bride), etc.

To conclude, I wish to say that each of us have to inherit this gift; the gift to be able to maintain harmony and love to our neighbours! Live united!


Ministry of Economy. (2015). Statistical Committee of Economy Ministry.

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