A good sleep and a good day

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Having a great night’s sleep is my greatest wish. Now you might wonder why I am saying that. Recently I am bothered by this unkind and uninvited guest- insomnia who visits me so frequently. I do believe I am one of the millions who suffer such a sleeping disturbance.

Insomnia or the inability of sleeping is not the same as any fatal diseases. Our unfriendly guest is not going to kill someone in a moment; however, it can cause several problems in our daily life and presumably influence our health in long-term time. For example, insufficient sleep definitely leads to potential diseases such as heart attack, hypertension and diabetes.  Besides turning to serious illnesses, it can also deteriorate your memory; influence your emotion and your mental health; impact your academic performance in your study.

Don’t be afraid of insomnia. We still get a chance to overcome this problem. First, good sleeping environment is a core condition for our whole night. Your bed should only serve as a sleeping area, do not put your mobiles on your bed. This is because the mobiles can distract your sleeping, stop using the mobiles or even not glance on your cute mobile screen. Second, before going to bed, you need to be meticulous on what you done. That is, do not drink coffee or tea, do not exercise within two hours of bedtime, and do not have any alcoholic nightcap. Third, you need to fix your mind. People who are struggling with their sleep might be worrywarts. If you worry or over-think one thing deeply on your bed, then you are troubled by Mr. Insomnia. Anxiety cannot solve your problem; it elevates your sleeping problem instead. Before sleeping, or even in your day time, you need to have a good mood and try not to depress yourself.

The last thing that I would say: do not let Mr. Insomnia appear in your invitation list, and even do not give a chance to knock your dream door.

4 thoughts on “A good sleep and a good day

  1. That is a great post! Thank you for publishing it!
    Actually, insomnia is not just a word for me. From the 1st year of my bachelor’s degree studies I totally ruined my daily schedule by going to bed later and later. I started to have less and less hours of sleeping time and one day I realized that it is not possible to get back to a normal life. A sweet kingdom of 4-or-less-hours sleepers not only opened the door for me, but tightly slammed the door just at the moment when I entered. All these actions led me to insomnia and now it is impossible for me to start sleeping before 4 o’clock of the morning.
    I totally agree with you that insomnia cannot kill you immediately but instead of this it will kill you gradually, it will blunt your feelings and it will suppress your vital forces. I am glad that you mentioned different measures which we can take to “survive” and to overcome such a disease. Frankly saying, today I am going to try one of your advice and will leave my phone somewhere on the table. Hopefully, it will help me to fall asleep earlier and not be late for tomorrow lessons.
    All the best!

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    1. Definitely, it’s hard to change your sleeping time as you have fitted in the long-term schedule. Thanks for sharing your own experience, I realize that I am not alone with sleeping problems. Anyway, try to change your schedule a bit, it’s better to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier. The you squeeze out some perfect morning time to finish your work. Morning is the refreshing, and night is for a good sleep. I am trying to insist it and develop as a habit. Hope you can also overcome your sleeping problems. Best wishes.


  2. Hey,
    thank you for your post, I liked the tone and voice of your writing here and your attitude toward this kind of sleeping problem: unconstrained. Anyway, you are totally right,saying that it might cause some more serious illnesses if you keep going to bed very late. Especially if you are young and study hard. In such case, I guess, one have to see a doctor; otherwise it might turn into a habit, and bring to another Ms Deseases, you know, which may also be the “unfriendly guests” as you say in your post, The reasons that you give in your writing such as using mobile phone, being meticulous of what you have done, not drinking coffee or alcohol which exacerbating your condition are the hallmarks of that Mr Insomnia. However, good physical workouts earlier in the afternoon is another Mr Positive which also fight against insomnia. Laziness whether you like it or not, will lead to the sleeping problems. Pondering all the reasons in your head, have to think of the root of the causes and here I want to finish my comment with your own words “do not let Mr. Insomnia appear in your invitation list, and even do not give a chance to knock your dream door”.

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    1. Thanks for your helpful comments. I urgently need one Mr Positive not only for the sake of insomnia but for my life. From your words, I found grateful insights of being positive as asset. When we encounter any problem, I would also suggest that never ever let yourself depressed by these troubles, and we need to be positive. I embrace all positive ideas, and thanks again. Mr. Positive might be knocking on my door .You see, positive nenergy is powerful and spreads from one to another. You are right, thinking over the cause can help solve the problem. Best wishes. ))))


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