Why to read critically?

The active involvement of students themselves is very important as students learn from each other faster and more intensively. The more you read critically the more you know what to do. Post soviet students are not very good at critical thinking despite the fact that it is natural for person to read or study something critically. Post soviet people got used to listening and reading passively, it is easier for them not to digest the information deeply, just keep calm and listen. Then it is expected that the person will apply the criticism to his or her own paper. Gradually, the student looks at his or her paper from the outside position, look at the structure, logic, when everything should flow the reader to the main research question. It is difficult without training to get rid of the irrelevant to the research question information which you had been digging for many hours at the library. So, as a result you have to be critic to your own writing and the quality of the writing should increase. On the other hand, the papers are not ready at all and it might be surprisingly difficult to read illogical unready papers. 🙂

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