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According to my own observations, there are at least two main types of people writing a thesis: the first – consider writing it as merely a formal step in their academic career. In fact, they are writing a typical “verbose statement about slight increase of their salary”. The second view writing the thesis by way of Samurai as they write it to make it beautiful and  try to perfect the “weapon” irrespectively whether someone will see it or not. It is up to you whether to write the next mediocre plastic hand-made article or to make the sparkling blade.

I have chosen “a way of the Samurai”, and I will not be wrong having said that all my fellow students have chosen the same way. Won’t it be pleasant to open this work on any page and be proud of it?

However, this work is not as straightforward as it seems to be. Though you just need to tie yourself to a chair every single day for at least 2-3 hours, have 2-3 dozens of reviews on the subject and, certainly your computer in front of you. Such a simple set and such a big complexity! Not every person manages to plug away on one place if only this place does not bring joy. You must be assiduous enough. It is crucial to cultivate this attribute along with abilities of critical analysis and synthesis, strong argumentation, concise writing, meeting deadlines and other skills that are defined as course learning outcomes we must achieve in the end of our Thesis Writing Course.

Apart from assiduity, incentives are also vital. Control! Some people need someone who stands over their neck, others need praise, or on the contrary, a stick. As for me, I need an adult who will guide me, push me, and even scold me, if necessary. Who, if not the adult, thinks of a debt and obligations? Without this “internal adult” (he can be internal or real one – it is optional), the person will not be sensible of responsibility. If you are not able to develop your internal adult, then, your “external adult”, in supervisor’s face, will not give you a chance to chill and procrastinate. Here at NUGSE we are lucky to have very approachable supervisors, Shanyrak consultation centre and course instructors, who monitor our progress and explain all the intricacies of writing a thesis.

And, what incentives do you have for yourself not to give up and get inspiration to sit and write your chapters each and every day?


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