To travel or not to travel?

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I was often curious why people travel around the world, having asked some of my friends I got these answers “just for fun” or “meet new people”. But, I think,  the  importance of travelling is something more we can write about. The Russian writer Ivan Bunin wrote “there are 3 things which can make people happy; love, interesting work and opportunity to travel”. I was always wondering how travelling can make a person happy, to my way of thinking, it was possible to be happy never leaving your town, city or country, until I travelled myself. Only then, I understood that travelling change people like no other thing. Launching out on a voyage, one can understand how the world is huge and small at the same time. When a person is free the globe is achievable for him, when he is limited he realizes how the world is gigantic. Having been abroad I understood that life consisted of gaining experience. The more you travel, the more knowledge, practice and broader outlook you have. Before becoming at home-mom, I used to  travel to another country at least twice a year. It could be a business trip, vacation journey or just visiting friends and relatives living beyond the ocean. Now, when it is impossible to go on a journey with my little ones, I often recall my travel memories. On the other hand,  I hope we will start up our tours again when the kids will grow up. It develops that  children benefit academically from travelling. British researchers found that in order to be successful in school, children should circle the globe. Trips with parents provide intercultural communication skills, kids become more curious, confident and have greater tolerance. They create original ideas and dreams, have huge interest to life (Duel, 2013). So this is another motivation for us not to stop travelling.

One more point,  in my humble opinion, travelling when you  are young and full of energy is the best option.  When you are not bounded with job, bank credits and family obligations. Young people are usually easy-going and open-minded. It is time when you can learn a lot of  new, interesting things and make friends.

Anyway, do travel, whether you are young or not, single or married, with kids or without. It is neither difficult nor frightful as it seems to be. It worth it.

Duel., A. (2013). British researchers found, school students benefit from travelling.  Retrieved from

5 thoughts on “To travel or not to travel?

  1. Aigul, thank you for sharing with your experience. I agree that travelling has a bunch of useful sides. Besides discovering new places, people, cultures, traditions, etc., we discover some hidden sides of our personality being in no ordinary situations. These situations can cause the brain to think creatively and solve a problem. Consequently, some people can overcome restraint, language barrier, and loneliness.

    Moreover, it is a good way to find an inspiration, an idea, or answers for some questions. When you go to another country, you are like an alien because everything that surrounds you looks so interestingly and unusually. These new things motivate you to learn more and go further.

    I hope you will have many opportunities to travel with your family in the future and discover many places together.

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  2. Reading this post made me remember my wonderful experience travelling and living abroad. I would say that these memories are those of the happiest moments of my life. So I would undoubtedly agree with Ivan Bunin, telling that travelling is one of the three things which can make people happy. Happy not just for the moment of your trip, but temporary, because you also become joyful by remembering unforgettable moments of your journey and emotions you went through.

    I think that people shouldn’t look for happinees by visiting only developed fascinating countries with 5+ services and well-known sights. Of course, it is the most desired direction for obvious reasons, but still I would argue that travelling to more or less exotic places can make you even more excited, more experienced, more open-minded and consequently happier.

    Another way in which travelling makes you realize your happiness, in my opinion, is to eventually understand that you are living in such a good country by looking at conditions in which people live in some countries abroad. In this way I realized my happiness after living in suburbs of Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia, simple flat of ordinary language school’s employee in Izmir, Turkey and after observing neighborhoods of Cairo, Egypt. Many people might disagree with me telling that it is the matter of the country you are comparing with, but this is what I have from my own experience.

    So, as my primary teacher said to my parents: “It will always seem that there is not enough money, but children grow up. And, if not abroad, travel at least out of the city”. I just will add that not only children grow up, but you also become older 😉 So, don’t waste your time, take opportunities, set right priorities and travel at least once a year to meet your happiness!

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  3. I have the same opinion of traveling around. Moreover, I perceive travelling as a real setting of learning and practising. Schools are formulated by teaching the knowledge. But travelling or being in a new place offer me a new experience to learn something. Thus, travelling is continues learning. Thanks for giving your suggestion for keeping travelling regardless of any excuses, and I am planning to go somewhere in near terms.


  4. I think travelling will help you to relax therefore I suggest travel to learn the world, people and culture. As much people travel so much they earn knowledge.


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