How not to procrastinate or tips for students to never miss a deadline

To be sincere, each of  us procrastinated  at least once in life, and there can be a bunch of reasons for  that; ineffective use of time, not planning beforehand, a habit to put off  tasks, etc. But the worst is that the habit can become a chronic problem.People procrastinate just because they let the low-priority tasks get in the way of high-priority tasks, thus putting aside writing a project or an assignment until the last minute. The illusion of  having a lot of time prevents us from starting doing the things in time and on time.


First of all,  manage your time effectively. Time management is not only a fashionable word-combination,  it is a control over your time and index of your productivity. Plan your daily, weekly and even monthly activities in advance. It is useful to have a printed out visual schedule template hanging over your working table. Though, creating a to-do list is considered to be an old-fashioned way, check on each item on your list. So you will be always aware of assignments or projects due date.

Another useful tip to meet a deadline is setting a goal. Sometimes there is a temptation to shelve a business for tomorrow, as a famous American entrepreneur, businessman, author and founder of several successful companies Stephen Key (2013) hypothesizes occasionally troubles and barriers cannot be avoided, we may never know when and where they are coming from. It is better not to put aside doing important things. As a Spanish proverb says “tomorrow is the busiest day of the week”. Establish a goal to tackle the matter and bring it to an end.

To complete the task successfully some students need an intrinsic motivation, it can be  a high grade, a possibility of having more free time after  finishing the assignment on time or a  satisfaction which comes after the achievement of a difficult task. Choose your inspiration and go ahead!

Be grateful to yourself when you finish the task.  Make yourself small rewards like a bar of chocolate, a good movie or take a walk outside breathing some fresh air.

As a student how do you struggle with procrastination?

What are your strategies to meet the deadlines?Procrastination-Quotes-19


Key., S. (2013). 5 Tips to Never Miss a Deadline. Retrieved from




One thought on “How not to procrastinate or tips for students to never miss a deadline

  1. All titles with the word “procrastination” in them are my personal attention-getters! I definitely can relate to the term. And I must admit that it is not an easy thing to deal with a ‘procrastinating mind’. I like how you wrote “first of all, manage your time effectively’. Admittedly, all the suggestions you have mentioned, including to-do lists and goal-setting, are motivating and helping time-to-time.
    However, sometimes, as often in my case, avoidance to complete a task is experienced while one has already started the task. That is you unintentionally postponing finishing of the task and spending way too much time on it because your brain knows it is not the deadline yet.
    Another procrastinating mind’s trick that I often encounter is referred to by Tim Urban as an “instant gratification monkey” in his posts on ( Arabic ‘nafs’ and ‘selfish self’ are probably give similar meaning to this cause of procrastination 🙂 Here, I find useful your suggestion to think of unexpected barriers that might prevent one from completing the task.
    Thank you for a post on this much needed to overcome struggle in my life! 🙂

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