Thesis writing or something else…

Last year thesis writing was a very far event, nevertheless seeing my colleagues, spending most of the time on reading and writing it, impressed me greatly. I said to myself that I would manage the time and spend every suitable moment to read and write. The reality is different…

The first thing I ‘d like to advise is learn to make preferences in executing work duties as well as urgent issues. When you are responsible for a lot of things to do at work and do not have opportunity to  look through the university mail, you have to choose the important and not very important affairs. Advice: look through the whole list of work, deadlines and make own calendar, but do not forget to look at it and  follow it.

The second, leave the time to read and learn at home mostly than at work or do it at work during the break. The difficulty is to make yourself arrange time  and strictly follow the deadlines.

Challenging questions for me are: time-managements and seeking for the articles for the literary review. During October and November I have to look for the readings twice. At first I found enough articles about team teaching, but there were no appropriate ones from the point of view of national and international  teachers, working together. Majority of information was connected with team teaching in inclusive classrooms or in schools where migrant children study. Only last week I came across what I needed: research works reflecting the experience of Asian countries.

One more struggle is the APA-style, the more I try to follow it, the more problems I have, but again it maybe only my struggle with the time.

The thing to improve should be the time of deadlines, because one week is too short time to do tasks, the approximate time is 10 days.


3 thoughts on “Thesis writing or something else…

  1. Dear Tatyana,
    Thank you for your sharing ideas, you showed what we all try to do to be very organised, but in reality not all people cope with time, this resouce is the most invaluable for humanity. especially when you combine two things: work full time and study. the time does not wait anyone.
    Your reccomendation to follow organised schedule is brilliant, but what about the reality when you are given extra respensibility at work during the work days, which interrupts you personal schedule, e.g. translations given from the administration. this example of overload breaks all pllanned activities to work on writing at regularly base.
    Another point is due to lack of reseach, writing skills or other factors sometimes we need more time to complete tasks than we are expected by our instructors,


  2. Dear Tatyana, thanks for the post. I agree time-management is very important aspect for success in education. Moreover, stress at work has its impact on desire to study. My gut feeling says that it is better and easier to study harder at the beginning program. What do you suggest: is it better to start early and does it matter at all?


  3. Tatyana, this is another strong post. You consistently write about important reflections and share your honest opinions with the group, so thank you! As usual, there are some minor issues to keep your eye on:
    1) Comma splices. Your first sentence is an example of where there are two independent clauses, incorrectly connected by a comma.
    2) Advise needs an object. “I’d like to advise you to…”
    3) Articles: “Majority of information…” needs a definite article (like most “x of y” phrases).

    I look forward to seeing your continued progress in the spring!



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