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My dear reader,

When I think of studying at NU and writing my thesis there arise different emotions and thoughts which reflect what I have been living with during the last year and a half. First of all, undoubtedly, I do not regret entering the Master program at NU. I admit that participation in the program empowered my ICT skills, reading and writing skills, enriched my knowledge, broadened my understanding of educational and research issues.

I will employ various words to describe my experience and the first one that comes to my mind is ‘adventurous’. Sleepless nights, piles of reading materials from our instructors, weekly writing assignments… You will not believe me, but it is during this study that I began to appreciate every minute of my life, especially when the deadline for submitting your assignment gets closer and closer. Today I realise that I begin to enjoy the state of constant surfing between my private life, my job duties, and my study at NU!

Still, no matter what obligatory or elective courses and assignments we have I keep thinking about my main thesis. Frankly speaking, I had made up my mind to study the situation with teaching and learning English in Kazakhstan before I applied for the Master program at NU. I should admit, I have not lost interest in the topic so far and instead, feel an urgent need in keeping working at it. Probably, this strong feeling softens all the hardships I have encountered during the study.

The word ‘skill-building’ specifically applies to the English for Thesis course we have had during the last semester. The course has undoubtedly fostered development of such important skills as using internet when looking for credible sources, using university moodle platform for communication within the course, blogging skills, has built to my academic English writing skills. Another word which characterises my study is ‘responsibility’. The word has got a strong meaning when it comes to dealing with plagiarism since the issues of proper citing, quoting, paraphrasing have not been familiar to me before. In this term the instructions and constructive feedback from my professor have been more than valuable. The only thing that I would suggest is to include in-campus practice-oriented sessions of the course, this would lessen the stress most of the students face with learning online.

Nevertheless, in terms of my main thesis there are a plenty of areas that still need improvement . Thus, my literature review chapter lacks strong argumentation, the research instruments need precision and cohesion in design. I feel that I need support in data analysis and further description of findings. In order to overcome the challenges I am reading books about qualitative research. Still, the main problem is lack of time to sit and concentrate on reading, analysing various sources. I mostly do it at night. This issue brings some kind of disappointment and dissatisfaction.

In conclusion, my dear reader, I hope my post did not distract you from applying for the Master program. If you are ready to experience the mentioned above then do not hesitate to join us. If not, then, the full-time in-campus study may be more convenient for you.




3 thoughts on “Online learning is worthy experience

  1. Dear Gulnaz,

    I liked the style of your writing very much. “My dear reader” phrase made me feel so special while reading this post. Besides, I will agree with you that this program has taught us a lot, but, having got through it, I at some point understand that nothing is impossible. I also believe that while studying at NU we have developed personal qualities that many of us didn’t have before. We learned to work as a team and to be supportive to one another.

    I hope that you will make a great contribution to the area of your study.


  2. This is a beautiful post, Gulnaz. This could be used as a “testimonial” on the NUGSE site. Your writing continues to be clearly organized, carefully written, and full of you honest reflections and suggestions. Thanks for sharing!



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