Why did I choose it?

I have decided to conduct an online learning research in relation to my main thesis. I have previously mentioned that it is interesting to find out the relationship between academic honesty awareness and plagiarism in online learning environment. This is the main topic, however I have several research questions coming from the topic:

  1. What is the relationship between plagiarism and time management?
  2. What is the relationship between plagiarism and culture?
  3. What is the relationship between plagiarism and the workload of the teachers?

By setting these research questions, I assume that there is an influence of the above mentioned factors on teachers’ plagiarism actions and they have to plagiarise even by being informed about academic honesty regulations.

In order to find the relationship between the variables I have created a survey comprising three different sectors with situational questions to answer. The teachers have to choose Yes\No answers and this would let me to measure the relationship that each variables have towards each other.  I have decided not to give any open-ended questions, as it would be quite challenging for me to deal with the results coming back from the teachers.

Further I am going to structure the answers and use SPSS in order to get the final results for each of the variables proposed.

The results would suggest what variables are the most deterrent and have a strong influence towards teachers’ plagiarism in online courses. I would also inform about the variables that would perform less in order to prove their minimal influence on the reserach findings.

The choice of this methodology would allow me to explore the relationships between the variables and see their influences on each other. In this regard, I assume that the choice I made for the methodology part is one of the best choices I had.

4 thoughts on “Why did I choose it?

  1. Dear Laura,
    I am very impressed by your post.
    Firstly, it is because of the link that you made between Master’s Thesis and Mini-Thesis. That is a good quality of a researcher – seeing a broader picture.
    Secondly, research questions are important for me as a teacher. I am very interested in reducing the amount of plagiarism in my everyday practice and this study will help to see the views of others.


    1. Dear David

      Thanks for your respose to my post. I am really sorry for not providing you with the type of information needed. As the deadline for the task has been outdated, when am I supposed to get you back with the actual file?


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