Data collection challenges.

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I would like to devote this post to data collection of my mini-thesis “There is a lack of online private tutoring in a southern part of Kazakhstan” I have never taken an interview from someone, but I had an experience of being interviewed during my life twice. I felt myself uncomfortable in both cases for the reason it was taken outside in the street; what’s more I wasn’t ready for this interview. I was simply stopping to answer the questions. It was noisy outside, and the people were walking and staring at you. I tried to learn from other people’s mistakes in my actual interview in order to avoid them.

The first thing I decided to look for the websites on the Internet to find some teachers who have some experience of teaching English language online. Then I contacted the manager of the tutoring center to ask permission from the gatekeeper to conduct the research with teachers in their staff. When I got an official permission from the gatekeeper, I asked about the right time and place for the interviewees.

I remember myself inconvenient situation when you are interviewed without any negotiation in advance, and this was the main reason to contact with the participants. The interviewee agreed to have an interview in order to resolve my questions of the mini – thesis. The next measure was the preparation of the semi-structured open –ended questions to answer my research questions. This type of questions helps to get more unexpected variants of answers and it helps to get the answer of the person who have deeper knowledge and understanding in that sphere.
I went to have an interview in their position as the interviewees considered this place and time appropriate to them. I asked all the participants to read the consent form, and sign if they checked the interview to be audio recorded. However, I felt myself a little bit uncomfortable, as it was the first time I visited them and the interviewees were complete strangers. I realized that during the research we usually worry more about the state about the interviewee but not the interviewer unfortunately.

In conclusion, I would like to write that all the data from the interview I included in my mini-thesis. This interview results were helpful to come to a final conclusion about my research.


9 thoughts on “Data collection challenges.

  1. Akzharkyn, your writing here is much clearer and more organized than your previous posts. I see very few grammatical mistakes, and your explanation of your study is easy to understand.

    I particularly like how you focus on the interviewee’s feelings and level of comfort. I’m glad to hear you had a positive research experience.



    1. Dear Philip, I am grateful for your comments and your help in improving English. I am trying hard to avoid grammar mistakes. I wanted to describe not only the procedure of interviewing itself, but some challenges that both interviewee and interviewer usually meet. p.s I will go and by some cake for my colleagues, this is my first “5\5” thank you


  2. Dear Akzharkyn,

    Your mini-thesis project topic is interesting. I look forward reading the results of it. Another thing I liked in your blog is that tou referred to some feeling that I have experienced while taking interview.


    1. Dear Dinara, This is a great pleasure to have comments from you as a good expert in writing blogs. I am rarely asked to ask various questionnaires on the street, so this is the reason why I decided to pay more attention on both interviewee’s and interviewer’s state during the interview itself. Can you describe any feelings that you have during the interview from two sides, when you give or take interview?


    1. Dear Ruslan, thank you for your question. To my mind there are more challenges than weakness. However, the results in quantitaive method that we usually analyze with a help of SPSS software is a little bit incomprehensible. I have a question to you also. What are strong points of your method?


  3. Dear Akzharkyn,
    I was an evident of your Interview taken that you described in this post. I remember in spite if cold,nasty and rainy weather you went to Interview absolutely unfamiliar person to answer your research questions. I highly appreciate your enthusiasm and curiosity to know new things and research the issue on different perspectives. These qualities are very essential for researchers. I wish you not to lose your enthusiasm to help you with your thesis writing! Good luck!

    best regards,


    1. Dear Zhuldyzay, thank you so much for your comments and some words of approval according my interviews. I promise not to lose my enthusiasm


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