Research Interview

While being on University campus, I decided to interview two teachers to explore the research questions of my mini-thesis. I scheduled the interviews with each interview participant choosing the date and the place for the interview.

The main research questions of the mini-thesis are:

  1. What are the main benefits of online learning for students and teachers?
  2. What challenges do students and teachers face in online learning environment?

In view of above research questions, I used qualitative design in my study. My research is based on one-on-one, face-to-face interviews. According to Creswell (2002), interviews gives opportunity to hear the participants “… experiences unconstrained by any perspectives of the researcher or past research findings” (p. 240).

The use of the qualitative design allows me to obtain ideas and opinions of the interview participants to explore the central phenomenon of my study from the perspective of teachers themselves.

In my research, I used purposeful sampling. . As Creswell (2002) claims purposeful sampling provides an opportunity to choose individuals or sites that can “best help us understand the phenomenon” as well as such sampling contributes to “a detailed understanding”. To develop many perspectives in my study (Creswell, 2002), I used maximal variation sampling to understand better the benefits and challenges that teachers as students face.

One-on-one interview with open-ended questions was chosen as the main tool for data collection since it is considered one of the main means in qualitative research. As Creswell (2002) states one-on-one interviews are a good tool for interviewing participants who are open to speak and who can “share ideas clearly”. Although the researcher states that such interviews are “time-consuming and costly approach” they seem to provide an opportunity for the participants to reflect, analyze and delve into the issue of the research.

Later all the interviews will be transcribed and coded for further in-depth analysis. The next procedure will be identifying themes related to my research questions. It is of high probability that sub-themes might emerge as the data analysis continues since each participant will share his/her perceptions from various angles.


Creswell, John W. (2002) Educational research: Planning, conducting, and evaluating quantitative and qualitative research. Pearson.

5 thoughts on “Research Interview

  1. Dear Bakyt,
    this is a very informative post!
    I agree with you that one-on-one face-to-face interview is the most appropriate research instruments to explore ones perspetives and experiences. As you mentioned, interviews might be time consuming for participants. I would like to ask how did you address this issue as all our group mates are very busy?


  2. Dear Bakhyt, I like your very academic and sysytemic approach to complete the post. due to the fact that you cite marvelous creswell your work looks very reliable. moreover, I like the purposful sampling approach, as it helps to get some unexpected and extreme answers. I personaly chose extreme sampling approach and worket great!


  3. Bakyt,

    I appreciate your very clear step-by-step explanation of what you did, why and how. I hope that you have been enjoying your time in Astana and have learned a lot in these weeks.


    5 out of 5


  4. Dear Bakhyt,

    I appreciate the logic and clear structure of your post. The way you justify each step of your data collection stage is quite convincing. However, I would recommend you to draw your attention to referencing as it seems to me that it does not fully correspond to APA style because the title of a book should be in italics but not the publisher as in yours. Also, only the author’s surname should be written in full and only the first letter of his/her name. I think that collaboration with your supervisor may contribute to that point and clarify it as well.


  5. Dear Bakhyt ,
    I liked your writing style. everything is clear and structured but what was yr purpose in telling and describing the research procedure. I see thatyou wanted to emphasise the importance of face-to-face interview in getting in depth understanding yr researching phenomenon. I wish you success and good luck in coding and interpreting the results!


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