“Skype Education”

Who hasn’t heard about Skype? In the beginning, we used this program as a tool to keep in touch, however, as the years went by people became to adapt Skype to their real needs and finally the key role of Skype now is to bring education and spread it all over the world. I detach this type of education from the general kind and refer it to completely new way to be educated – “Skype education”.

If we take the example of Kazakhstan, one of the youngest developing countries, our government is trying to develop and strengthen the education in order to improve the competitiveness among other countries and fix our position in the world. Furthermore, citizens understand that they actively have to take part in this process and to be involved in this progress. Skype is accessible free program for the public and any can just download and practice it. There are a lot of qualified courses and academic programs around the world that are open to share their knowledge and train ‘new brains’ via Skype.

To illustrate, in our education centre in Astana we have been working with some teachers online via Skype. For instance, it’s difficult to find tutors here who prepare for GRE or GMAT (verbal section) and Skype is the only approach of quality and value for money. Moreover, we work with our international partners (British Council, English UK, ICEF, ECE projects etc.) and with the help of Skype we can arrange courses for our students from Kazakhstan who cannot leave their homes to get education or to be trained. Through Skype we organize program with proficient teachers who teach the student and finally our students receive the international certificates or diplomas. And it is really cool, isn’t it?

Nevertheless, the main drawback in “Skype education” is sometimes imbalance of quality. Not all teachers in Skype are licensed to teach and they offer their services as they know that demand on education has been soaring and such kind of teachers can earn. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the selection of suitable college or university, program and teacher. In most cases it is more trustworthy to address to accredited and certified centers which are approved and have experienced team. It is the only disadvantage and benefits of “Skype education” overshadow the given minus.

Overall, only knit work of the government, habitants and desire to advance facilitates the prosperity of the nation. We need not to resist the changes, on the contrary, to reach and realize our aim of better education, be ‘hi-tech’ developed and keep up with the times. Be creative, innovative and a bit risky!


Skype in the classroom – Tony Bates (7 December, 2012). [Video file]. Retrieved from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKdVlqH2Hi4

4 thoughts on ““Skype Education”

  1. Assem,

    That’s a really interesting short video that you found.

    But where is the rest of the assignment? You were supposed to write a post about its background and effectiveness. If you can quickly do this, you will not be penalized.



  2. Assem,

    A very thoughtful and well-written post. I was particularly interested in what you had to say since I’m giving my first Skype “lesson” tomorrow for a university in Almaty.

    Ann in Astana

    Grade changed to 4/5


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