Recently our school implemented a new platform for collaboration – Padlet. I have never used this application before, so currently I am still on the learning curve and exploring all benefits of the platform. Even when I was watching the YouTube video “Padlet’s Many Uses for the Classroom” I have learned and discovered new options of the application.

One of the many reasons, why the school decided to test this year the effectiveness of this online technology is another innovative idea of improvement in school communication – Academic Leadership. Each teacher at NISA is academically responsible for 8 assigned students elected by random choice. The main responsibilities of Academic Leaders are to work collaboratively with students via Padlet walls reflection, to trace students with low academic performance by reviewing grades and reports from teachers, to collect and support students in performing Service and Action projects as inevitable parts of Middle Year Program of International Baccalaureate. Therefore the plans of using Padlet at the school are enthusiastic this year.

By exploring Padlet further, it becomes clear that application could be used in classroom too. Teachers have opportunity to prepare a wall with content (images, videos, texts and other useful resources) and easily teach students about specific topic. Or teachers could create a wall and share the link to all students for brainstorming ideas or reflecting on lesson’s outcomes. Free access to everyone is financially beneficial too.

One of the obstacles that I face with during the last two years is number of Economics lessons per week. We have just one hour (60 minutes) of Economics per week in 10th grade and as consequences it is difficult to teach the content in greater depth and leave the time for reflection. I will try to use the application as extension of the lesson and ask my students to comment or reflect on certain subjects after the lessons.

Overall, the development of technology brings a lot of new opportunities during and in-between the lessons. Padlet could be used as the new platform for improving communication between academic stakeholders. Also it could be applied as the function technology during and after the lessons.


Horn, B. (2014). Padlet’s Many Uses for the Classroom[Video file]. Retrieved October 10, 2015 from


One thought on “Padlet

  1. Thanks for sharing a new application with us, Zhanna. Your post is well organized and clear. Some comma usage can be improved, like in this example which doesn’t need a comma: “One of the many reasons, why the school decided to test this year…”
    Also, I’d recommend finding a stronger closing sentence, one in which you synthesize or give an application of your ideas in broader terms, not a repetition of a specific detail from your post.



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