Inquiry based learning

As a middle year program,  I would like to introduce the inquiry based learning, which I consider as an innovative technology of teaching. Inquiry based learning is one of the main approaches in teaching of middle years program International Baccalaureate.  Inquiry based learning based on cycle of reflection, action and inquiry. Inquiry based learning could start at any point of cycle. One of the main indicators of inquiry based learning is that students ask question about the topic. It comes from the  Constructivist theory of John Dues, where students construct their understanding and knowledge of the world by experiencing things and then reflecting on those experiences.

 “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

Benjamin Franklin


This quote is the best description of inquiry based learning. The essence of inquiry based learning is creation of conditions for asking questions. This is student centered approach in teaching; teacher guides the inquiry as it is necessary in the process of teaching. However, students gain knowledge themselves through the asked questions.  There are several types of inquiry based learning in classroom. They are open or full inquiry, guided inquiry, couple inquiry and structured inquiry.   Students’ knowledge will not depend on teacher directed activities. It is more than just memorizing facts, it is about learning skills to synthesize the information and find answers. The teacher plays an important role in inquire based learning, teacher provides feedback; helps lead the students in the right direction in the  inquiry,  teacher takes supportive role in education.

The given video will provide better understanding of inquiry based learning in classroom.



4 thoughts on “Inquiry based learning

  1. Dear Gulnara!
    Thank you very much for this amazing video. I became interested in using this innovative approach at my lessons. You explained this method in deep details. I think that sometimes teachers do not like when students ask questions because it requires time to answer these questions. But teachers have only 40 or 45 minutes to explain the new theme. However, I agree that students get more knowledge by asking questions. Therefore it is essential for teachers to change their mind about questions and realize that when students ask questions it means that they are involved into the teaching process.
    Best regards, Aizhan.

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    1. I can tell more from my experience that inquiry based learning helps students to understand their strenghts and weaknesses. Students search more information in this method themselves and bring new ideas to the class. As a teacher, I have learnt a lot from them which means we learn together!!!


  2. Dear Gulnara!

    Thank you for sharing the video and explaining the approach of Inquiry based learning. As a teacher in IB and as a mother of IB student I understand the importance of inquiry. And from information you presented and from the video you selected it could be seen for me that this approach is tightly connected with real life. Students develop essential skills by asking inquiry questions and trying to find the answers through research.
    Please send more videos (after MYP visit of cause) about inquiry based learning!


  3. Nice post, Goolii. This is the first post that I have seen that really addresses the need to develop critical thinking skills. This is an important and innovative issue, although I don’t quite see the technological side of this teaching approach. Maybe you can add to these ideas by thinking about how inquiry-based learning can be applied to an online or blended learning environment like ours?

    Your writing is overall clear and organized, but with a few sentence and grammar mistakes that interfere with clarity. Here’s one you can try to revise: “The teacher plays an important role in inquire based learning, teacher provides feedback; helps lead the students in the right direction in the inquiry, teacher takes supportive role in education.”



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