Innovative classrooms.

This is a very clear and vivid demonstration of a future classroom with sufficient implementation and effective use of various progressive technologies. Although this video does not contain a single word it shows how students can be actively enrolled in the learning process and how greatly they show zeal for education and gaining knowledge. I believe that students from this type of innovative classrooms and schools are going to be many steps ahead comparing with students with more traditional approaches in teaching and learning, as well as they are going to be more prepared for real fast-changing life in global village and succeed in it.

This video has also empowered me to use innovations in my own classes, despite the fact that I belong to more conservative type of teachers, who prefer usual group work or error correction and feedback than googling and web-chatting. I realized that innovations and new technologies should not be taught in our Kazakhstani schools as a separate subject but should be implemented and additionally used in all subjects to help learners use up-to-date gadgets effectively. However, it does not mean that innovative technologies are solutions to all the problems in schooling but they may become very effective tools to foster the current situation and connect the education with real life and real students’ needs to get ahead in it.

In case of our country, the issue may be that the government and the Ministry of Education make big investments in these fields and provides schools with new and modern technologies but there is a lack of specialists who can deal with these innovations. So, computers and Internet are used for entertainment or simple chatting in social networks, smart boards are used as whiteboards, IPods for watching films. For this reason teachers should be properly trained how to use these innovations for maximum effect and benefits.

1 thought on “Innovative classrooms.

  1. You’ve crafted another great post, Kairat. And while it hasn’t attracted any comments because it was posted Sunday evening, it did attract my interest due to the impressive video and your clear discussion of the ideas in it. You do a nice job starting with a general overview, explaining with personal examples, and then applying your ideas to the wider KZ context.

    No grammar issues to discuss. Well done!



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