Edmodo as an Innovative technology

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Edmodo is recognized as an educational platform designed to connect students and teachers in school learning environment.  It was founded in 2008 by Nic Borg, Jeff O’Hara, Crystal Hutter in Chicago, Illinois to encourage the balance between the needs of contemporary society and education. Currently, the Edmodo links about 60 million users around the world who get and share knowledge (About Edmodo, 2015).

Being useful in practical sense, the Edmodo creates the free and mobile conditions both for learners and teachers in the classroom as well as outside of the school. It is applicable to different subjects as teachers can post the home assignments, files, classroom resources, notes and even polls to gather sufficient data. Moreover, teachers do not have to send individual e-mails to students or make appointments for group discussions if they properly use the Edmodo post.

I have been practicing Edmodo for two academic years and would recommend to educators to imply it in the classrooms. However, I would say that the efficacy of the webpage would be doubled if to add the options to see the students’ visit time. Thus, teachers would be ensured about the students’ awareness of the last posts.

Considering from local perspective, I would not say that Edmodo is popular technology in all educational institutions in my city. No or slow access to the internet, lack of computers, low rate of computer literacy, lack of competence in IT technologies are the core reasons for Edmodo’s low level of usage.  To overcome the current situation, it is not enough to supply schools with necessary equipment and other resources if teachers are not motivated and initiate the implementation of such innovative technologies in teaching and learning process.


Retrieved from: https://www.edmodo.com/about

8 thoughts on “Edmodo as an Innovative technology

  1. Hello, Zhuldyzay.

    I agree with you that Edmodo is a convenient tool for building communication between students and teachers. I have tried using Edmodo when I studied in the USA and could see how easy it is in using. Probably, we need a purpose and computer skills to be able to implement it widely in Kazakhstan. Since you are lucky with using it in your classroom, have you tried to involve parents by teaching them to register in Edmodo, creating a parent group there?

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  2. Good day, Zhuldyzai this is a nice post about edmodo but unfortunately I do not know anything about it. I hope I will learn how to implement it on my lessons in future. I am happy that we have these posts about innovation that you can use during your lessons. can you share your own experience of learning it? how much time did you spend to manage this software? how often do you use them?


    1. Dear Akzharkyn,
      It is nice that you became interested in implementing Edmodo in your classroom. As to my experience of using Edmodo, first I heard about it from my international team teacher who came from England. Then I decided to try it on my own,unfortunately I failed. I had no experience before using such innovations in my teaching practice. Later the same co-teacher helped me to cope with it and I found it easy to work with Edmodo with the help of my colleague. Practically,Edmodo is very easy to learn and effective to use. I recommend you to visit edmodo.com first,then if you face any challenge,I will help you. Feel free to contact me!
      best regards,


  3. Dear Zhuldyzai,

    I have also experience using Edmodo withmy students and colleagues. I can say that it worked well throughout the cademic year. Teachers posted a lot of materials and resources there and had discussions regarding the lesson planning. The students also were active in participation in discussions with their peers and also there was no need to print all the material for home assignments anymore, because everything couldbe found on Edmodo page. This is a great tool both for teachers and students.
    The idea proposed by Gulnaz about involving parents into the process of using Edmodo is interesting. I think parents would find it useful in terms of being aware of their children’s progress and controlling the completion of home assignments. However, I see one obstacle to parents using the Edmodo: not all the parents are in friendly relashionship with technology. What do you think? Will we have any chance to involve them somehow?


    1. Dear Dayana and Gulnaz,
      I am glad to know that you are well familiar with Edmodo platform using it in your teaching process. I am also eager to join attract parents to learning process.However,as you pointed not all of them are computer skilled people. Thus a few parents only can participate in technology based learning process.


  4. Dear Zhuldyzay,
    thank you for sharing your thought on this new technology. I would like to add to previous comments by stating that I also started to use this tool recently. Unfortunately, I still have many questions on using it.
    But I have noticed that students are enjoying this experience and it is easier for me to send messages. Moreover, I feel that it is our community, we are together without anyone watching us. One experienced teacher told me that the lesson is like being in a family and I really want students to study without fear or stress.
    Furthermore, I am using the experience of this course by asking students to comment at least two posts of students and it somehow became a habit.


  5. Nice post, Zhuldyzay! I tried also edmodo for a brief time a couple years ago, but gave it up because the school also required us to use moodle. They were too similar to justify using both of them simultaneously (although I did like edmodo better!).

    Your writing is crystal clear and free of major mistakes in grammar and sentence structure. Keep it up!


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