Lingt Editor helps you interact with your students outside the classroom

With the enhancement of innovative technology around the world, the education is becoming more accessible. In some institutions, online education platforms are even replacing brick and mortar classroom by making more people engaged in massive open online courses (MOOCs) or any other internet-based plarforms. For instance, the Babson Research Study revealed that “there were 572,000 more online students in fall 2011 than in fall 2010 for a new total of 6.7 million students taking at least one online course”(Allen & Seaman, 2013.p. 17). Consequently, the increased number of corporations and companies are funding e-learning industry and offering the number of online courses. One of that companies that build technology and offer services for online education is Lingt. It is a company that hat helps people learn foreign languages in innovative way.

I started to use this online education source from the last summer to have my students engaged in English language out of classroom and to customize their learning during the season of vacation. To tell the truth, I personally as a teacher have reaped only benefits from online teaching, since this platform gives many opportunities to interact with your student out of the classroom. It enables teachers to create online assignments incorporating voice, video, images, and text; make oral exams; offer targeted feedback to individual responses; and archive assignments and students’ responses to reuse next time and track individual improvement of your students ( The major advantatges of Lingt Editor that really makes it stand-out are user-friendliness and affordability. As for as user -friendliness, there is a clear explanation on the site and one click of a blue bubble is enough to produce a task.   Moreover, it is simple enough for anyone to use while remaining flexible enough to allow implementation of almost any spoken or written exercise. Teachers can create spoken dialogues, dictations, pronunciation practices, oral examinations or diagnostics, reading practices, image or video commentaries and own inventions. As for as affordability, since it is totally free, the only thing that is required is to connect to the internet through any major browser. More importantly, it is not time-consuming and do not ask for heavy installations and rigid system requirements and are available on iPads and Android tablets.

However, there still exist a room for improvement. For instance, one of the areas that I would like to have improved in this online platform is the coverage of another subject area such as science, math rather than only on focusing  on  linguistic disciplines. Another area that needs improvement is connected to internal content while designing an assignment for your students. The problem is that one can not change the order of tasks once he or she has placed them. Therefore, a button or service for moving a content once you have already placed task is required.

To sum up, despite of the problems mentioned above, Lingt Editor is a helpful tool for having your students engaged in learning process out of the classroom.


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3 thoughts on “Lingt Editor helps you interact with your students outside the classroom

  1. Hi Dinara,

    Thank you for the wonderful post about Lingt Editor. Honestly, I have never heard about it before. After reading your post, I became interested in this application. However, I am afraid that it is difficult to use( Could you please write more about the experience of using it. What grades did you encourage to use it? Thank you in advance!


  2. Dear Samal
    Thank you for your comment. since last year I taught mainly 12 th grade students I used Lingt to prepare them to IELTS. This is a dead easy online platform, any action there needs only a click of a blue bubble. One year ago the subscription required money, however after making it free Lingt became popular. It is free because it was done by the students of MIT to assist the learning of foreign languages.This is an awesome platform,try it.


  3. Lingt sounds almost too good to be true. Thanks for telling us about it. How do you find out about these things??? I will certainly check it out. Probably Lingt will one day provide math and math and other types of instruction. I am glad that you pointed out both its advantages and flaws. This is very clear and well-organized.

    I’m going to try out Lingt right now.




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