Let’s Kahoot! Or how to make learning AWESOME.

I would like to share with one of the online game-based learning platforms called Kahoot. I was first introduced to this platform last year and I’ve been using it since then. I think that Kahoot really helps to engage all students into learning process. Educators can design quizzes, discussions and surveys using Kahoot platform that can be projected and accessed via the Internet on computers, laptops or smartphones.

As Kahoot is free to use, anyone can register and create a multiple choice game in any language and share the results through social networks. First of all, a teacher needs to design a quiz with up to 4 answers and choose the correct one. Unfortunately you can’t have more that 4 variants for each question. It is also possible to embed a Youtube video or pictures to the quiz in order to make it more engaging and attractive. Then students can join the game by adding game pin using their laptops, tablet or smartphones. They need to click on the right answer and show the best time to win. After answering all the questions the platform wil display the winner.

Many teachers from my school who implement Kahoot in their classrooms note that it is very effective tool to motivate students to study and involve in group work. Kids were hyperactive when I included Kahoot game into my lessons. Thus, from time to time I try to make my lessons more interesting with the help of Kahoot website. Teachers may apply game based quizzes to review the exam material or to have formative assessment. Moreover, it is easy to add a Youtube video as a lobby video that will be displayed while students are joining the game. Teachers may add their own educational videos and start the quiz after students finish watching.

It is important to note that educators may enhance the learning process by getting students to create their own quizzes and discussions. Students should work in collaboration to study the topic and create some questions. This leads to deeper understanding of the theme by students and may develop their leadership skills as well as team worker abilities. I would like to conclude that teacher creativity + new technology equals to = awesome learning process.

5 thoughts on “Let’s Kahoot! Or how to make learning AWESOME.

  1. Thank you!

    I heard about this website. But never used in my classroom. I used other game-based learning environments, such as zondle, WWTBAM, when I taught grade 7 students. I remember how they where actively engaged. Now firstly, I teach only high school students and if I use this tool, would it be appropriate for my students age? Because the tools I used when they were in lower grades are not interesting for them today.


    1. I think students of any age will be interested with such kind of a game based quiz. Of course, you shouldn’t spend a whole lesson playing. Well planned and designed activity will engage everyone into your task.


  2. Yeraly,

    I found this to be very interesting. I watched the video. How could I child not be interested in learning with this platform? My niece is home-schooling her little one, and I’m going to send this info to her.

    Your paragraph organization, grammar, structure, and word choice are all excellent. Thank you very much for this information.




    1. This app is really interesting indeed. Kids love using it regardless their age. Sometimes, I use Kahoot with teachers when organizing PD seminars. And surprisingly they do enjoy Kahoot too. So, I’m sure that if planned wisely Kahoot can be beneficial for your niece.


  3. Yereke,
    I also really like Kahoot. My students are ready to do tones of homework to play Kahoot. Kahoot really motivates my students for studies because the use of technology in class is very attractive for them.

    I believe Kahoot can be a good starting point to introduce technology into classroom. Apparently, Kahoot can be an evident answer to the sceptics of the use of technology for entertainment in classroom.


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