Have Fun with ClassDojo App!

ClassDojo is classroom software which helps teachers to provide real-time feedback and therefore control the behavior of students at the lesson. Having been created in August, 2011, it has gained thousands of users around the world. The only things teachers need in a classroom are digital device, Internet access and very good awareness. This tool is very EASY and HANDY! In this blog below I would like to share my own experience of using ClassDojo software and provide some useful tips for my colleagues.

I got acquainted with ClassDojo two years ago after observing the lessons of my fellow teachers. After trying out it in my own lesson, it has become a part of my lesson. Whatever I teach English language subject or Global Perspectives and Project Work, I turn ClassDojo application on. Interestingly, ClassDojo is welcomed not only by kids but by elder students too. My students love it and ask me to display their results on the whiteboard especially during group activities.

In a word, ClassDojo is an online classroom management tool for computer. However, it is available not only for teachers; it could be shared by students and parents too. In order to use this software, teacher should simply to sign up with an account in ClassDojo website. Once the teacher signed up, he or she could add the classrooms into the system. If the teacher is eager to invite parents to be involved in a learning process, an invitation card could be sent to parents’ emails or just taken home by children. Further actions totally depend on the creativity of the teacher himself as there are many functions in a menu which prompt what to do next.

ClassDojo is quite beneficial and worth to use for many reasons. First of all, using ClassDojo increases students’ motivation to learn better as they are interested in getting rewards and pluses. Moreover, parents as well as students follow their progress which makes students more responsible for their study. Secondly, it encourages students to behave appropriately; good behavior such as helping each other, being active is reworded whereas bad behavior is punished by taking away the points and automatically sending to parents. In other words, it is a good inceptive to keep students work productively. Thirdly, teachers could spend more time teaching and less time writing disciplinary feedback home. Finally, ClassDojo app brings colossal joy and fun to classroom.

       Try my dear reader! You won’t regret!


Student Introduction to ClassDojo (22 August, 2012). [Video file]. Retrieved from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaeNSYJvrn0

5 thoughts on “Have Fun with ClassDojo App!

  1. Samal, I’d lik to express my lots of thank for sharing such great information with us.
    I think I’ll definitely use it. However, i have some question for you.
    Is this innovative tool can be easily applied with different age category students. As usually high school students more prefer those official comment on their job, assignment, rather than this funny way of feedback.
    Secondly, is it really possible to give feedbak to your students immediately after the lessn finishes, or anyway it is better to send comments later?

    Samal. I also want to note that I like the way you presented this new echnology for me. It is really easy to read you story. All the parts and ideas of your story are alligned in a very comfortable way for readers to follow you.
    Thank you!


    1. My dear friend, thank you for your comment! I appreciate. Actually I expected such kind of question as for the perception of higher grades. To my surprise, 11 grades were very engaged in the process of giving real-time feedback. Due to ClassDojo I can control their behaviour. Of course, it depends on the class itself. And I have to agree with you that it is more suitable for kids and middle ages students. I recommend you to try first, then watch their reactions. Second issue, it is again just for fun and quick feedback, you don’t have to necessarily use it all the time. There are definitely themes which demand more detailed feedback. So, you are the author of your lesson! Create! Your kids will love it!


  2. Samal,

    This one is really cute! I understand from your posting and video that it rewards students for good behavior and participation, but it’s not a learning tool. Right? It’s, rather, a motivational tool. It might be more suitable for younger kids and middle-school.

    Your sentence:
    “Whatever I teach English language subject or Global Perspectives and Project Work, I turn ClassDojo application on.|

    Make that WHETHER instead of “whatever.”

    I see excellent grammar, sentence structure and vocabulary in this posting. I also see clear and well-organized paragraphs with transition signals.



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