Interactive smart board drowned to the real life.

The fashion on decorating a classroom with smart board appeared approximately five years ago. In order to gain the shadow of technologically advanced education institution every university and school bought several smart boards. Also, the state program on informatization was targeted to supply smart board to every school.

The advantages to utilize the technology of smart board were obvious, when I was at Kaplan Language School in Berkeley. The connection to the Internet is good and teachers are well acquainted with all kinds of technology. Every lesson contained today’s information and today’s news. So, the students were discussing topics, which are hot and relevant. The teachers were writing at the boards, deleting parts of the words, along with special i-pack, which was providing interactive methods of presentation grammar and vocabulary. So, the students were very motivated and happy with the content of the lesson.

On the other hand, technology is not always used properly and turns out to be waste of money. The obstacles are observed every time. The first indicator of money waste is that smart board is just a screen for projector, the second indicator is that smart board without internet connection  this is just a piece of whiteboard, moreover, too much stress on technology sometimes provoke the situation where technology dominates the content. Also, learning outcomes of students with application of smart board and without smart boards were not compared scholarly to prove the effectiveness and contribution of smart board to learning outcomes.

It is important to follow the wisdom and apply the technology only reasonably. The technology itself does not provide and guarantee the learning outcomes. The technology stimulate motivation, and may interfere the result this way. But, still, do not forget that not learning is the process where very much depends on student.

5 thoughts on “Interactive smart board drowned to the real life.

  1. Dear Oxana,
    I quite agree with you that technology is modernizing day by day in an extremely high speed and in most cases it is explained as the way to ease the life. I think the necessity to equip all schools with smart board arouse to ease teachers’ teaching life. One of the strengths of this board is that it can cover huge number of materials at once to touch upon in comparison with other boards ( white or black). However, to extent what students can gain all materials is another question. Do you think the technology ease the life or……?


  2. Dear Oxana,

    Thank you for the post!

    My own teaching practice proves the truth of your view. I was observing the lessons during which the interactive board was used only in the beginning of the lesson to introduce the learning objectives or a lesson outline and then was on for the rest of the lesson. We all know that safety is first, especially in the classroom but it turns out that many teachers are not aware of it.


  3. Dear Oxana,
    The topic you have touched upon is seemed quite familiar for all of us but at the same time is not. To tell the truth I personally use Interactive board for showing Power Point Presentation and work in Active Inspire(( Unfortunately, the majority of teachers do not know all functions of Interactive board even if it is available in any school. In order to solve this problem, teachers should be given several master classes and workshops. I also agree with you that such technology as Interactive board only is a key to a fascinating lesson and shoudn’t be misinterpret with the lesson itself.


  4. Dear Oxana,
    Smart board as you have written at the moment is a way of just decorating the rooms. There are, of course, such obstacles as teachers’ less readiness to use smart boards, or just simple ways of using them (to show Power Point presentation or to play some video). However, have you also though about the influence of smart boards on students health. As far as I know, it is not recommended to students to work with interactive smartboards for a long time during the lesson. However, teachers forget about this (so do I sometimes) in order their lessons to be interactive and modern with all those smart boards and new technologies.
    In this case, what do you think the schools should do in order to apply smart boards during the lesson, but not to overuse them (because of students’ health)?


  5. Oxana, you’ve started a really great discussion here. Don’t forget to come back and interact with your commenters!

    I have to point out one fantastic point that you make: “…too much stress on technology sometimes provoke the situation where technology dominates the content.” This may be true of absolutely any educational reform, when the implementation of the new thing becomes the goal. Meanwhile, the original goal that the innovation or reform was trying to reach becomes secondary.

    You still have some small grammar mistakes, mostly commas and prepositions, but overall this is a fantastic post!



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