Journey to literature review

My journey to literature review started from stating the research question. After identifying a raw version of the question, I extracted the keywords from it. Keywords helped me in the process of looking through the literature. I didn`t set a goal to restrict the number of literature with the first approach to literature review, because on Research methods course we learned that the whole process of thesis writing is not linear but cyclic, meaning that all the stages of writing are interrelated with each other (Creswel, 2014). I understood that ideas that come while reading the literature will bring changes to the research question and might to the other parts of thesis.

I created a preliminary map of themes on the Thesis writing seminar in August with the help of our instructor. The map is helping me to organize process of literature review. My main topic is ICT in Mathematics education. I will probably discuss the role of ICT in mathematics education in the beginning. Then I will narrow my focus to the perspective of teachers` about role of ICT in mathematics. In third part, I will emphasize on the aims, rationale of teachers` using ICT in teaching math and their approaches. By approaches, I mean, using ICT as an instructional tool, a tool for assessment, or a tool for self-study. My own interest in this particular area, I think, will contribute to designing the structure of review.

The biggest challenge in finding the sources is lack of time out of work and concentration. The other challenge is a huge amount of literature on the topic. My initial search on ERIC database, using the filter tool ticked on peer-reviewed, full text resources ended up with 83 articles. I found most of them relevant to my topic. I still need time to examine the literature I found and narrow the number.


Creswell, J. W. (2014). Educational Research: Planning. Conducting, and Evaluating Quantitative and Qualitative Research. Pearson.


One thought on “Journey to literature review

  1. An excellent post — but late.

    Anyway, I understand your dilemma about work. Good luck with examining and narrowing your 83 articles. That’s an awesome task.




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