Innovate to educate!!!!!!!!!

          Everyone of us aware about the significance and benefit of applying technology and digital devices in the classroom, however minor educators really use them in a proper way. Unfortunately, some teachers tend to accept “innovative” technologies as the source of entertainment, but not as a mean of learning process which facilitates the understanding and engagement. Moreover, unfortunately, another teachers are still savvy with electronic devices.  Thus, it prevents them to apply and try out technologies in the classroom.  Furthermore, teachers seem like afraid of loosing control and discipline in the classroom; when crowd of students are sitting in front of laptops or using their mobile phones to search information teachers do not not know how to manage this process of freedom and self-learning. It seems to them like students are just chatting or visiting sited irrelevant to the lesson. In addition, teachers tend to imagine themselves as the only monopoly who deliver credible and valid knowledge. This is not my subjective assumption; I have talked with different teachers. visit different lessons as a trainer and teacher, and myself also had the same concerns and hesitations on applying technologies in the classroom. One of my concerns was mobile phones and social networking – when I asked my students to use cell phones for some activities they immediately started to chat and “wander” in social networking sites. I could see it, slightly control, but I could not change their mind and persuade them to apply mobile phones rationally. When I came across with this video, I recognized the problem and felt like finding solution.

This you tube video is called “Singapore` 21 st” – Century Teaching Strategies (Education Everywhere Series)”. The video was provided by Edutopia, a company dedicated to improving the K-12 learning process through innovations that prepare students to thrive in their studies, careers, and adult lives. This amazing video describes the experience of one of the Singapore top “future schools” in applying innovative technologies in education process to develop the 21st -century skills of learners. NGEE Ann Secondary School is famous for talented teachers who produce effective teaching materials and try to engage every student; effective education program that really works. Video shows how teachers of this school use technology for providing instructions, monitor the learning process and enhance self -regulated learning. Students use the instant messaging tools by Wiki, Facebook and blogs to put their concerns while lesson proceeds, another students may see the question on the screen and reply. The teacher sees the questions; observes how students interact with each other; and facilitates learning instead of lecturing and giving the right answer.

It is so engaging! Pushing all 25 students, for example,  in the class to participate and contribute is so hard. However, within opening 25 windows for 25 students you provide them electronic space for real-life learning, communication and discovery. Guys, you should click the button below and follow the video. I swear, you will absolutely enjoy video.


Edutopia. (March 14, 2012). Singapore`s 21-st-Century Teaching Strategies (Education Everywhere Series). Available on You tube

10 thoughts on “Innovate to educate!!!!!!!!!

  1. Thanks for interesting post!

    I agree that many teacher are not eager to use technologies in classrooms. I think, in order for teachers to feel “safe” with technology, they shoul be able to “play” with them. For them to start to play, a number of professional courses should be provided.


  2. Dear Aigerim,

    Thank you for a motivating post! Singapore is famous for its quality education in teaching and learning. Singapore is one of the most innovative and leading countries that has entered top-five countries in PISA assessment.
    Kazakhstan is on its way of improving an educational system and it seems that positive experience and effective methods of teaching and learning should be applied in our context.


  3. Dear Aigerim,

    That is awesome! I will also agree that is great approach of teaching. I think we can take into consideration in our own professional life. Moreover, we should try to implement it in practice because that is no need additional heavy machine or technology; you just interact with your own students via social networking, why not?
    However, it is possible to predict that teacher should be involving more strenuously than students at the first time. But after month I think learners will see the effectiveness of this method to study and they will work independently. Good luck to everyone! Let’s try to implement it without bias.


  4. Hi Aigerim!

    Couldn’t agree more with the claim that many teachers view technology merely as a means for entertainment. I have observed that so many times: a teacher will play a video or direct students to a website with no particular purpose, merely for the sake of using technology. In my country, this is especially true for the older generation of teachers. They still think of technology as a fancy book, and tend to disregard the potential benefits of using it in the classroom.
    In your opinion, what can be done to address this problem?




    1. Thank you for comment, Dostan!

      I suppose teachers should be taught on ICT literacy during in-service training courses and school-based professional development programs; workshops and seminars need to be held in schools to educate teachers to apply any innovative sources purposefully!


  5. I do agree with the comments above and would like to add that I’m concerned with the amount of time when our students use different types of technology. At home, at school even at the parties they tend to use smartphones. I think that teachers should be able to organize lessons using technologies and care about students health problems at the same time. It seems to me that many of the students in Singapore have poor eyesight and wear glasses.


  6. Dear Aygerim,

    I would also agree with your view that teachers do not see technology to be possible mean of learning; instead it is an entertainment tool. Moreover, teachers not only afraid of using technology tools, but also it would require much time for preparing lessons with technology items.


  7. Aigerim,

    I can understand your first paragraph, but some of the sentences do not seem to “fit” together. Here is an example of one:

    Moreover, unfortunately, another teachers are still savvy with electronic devices.

    Do you mean that SOME teachers are still NOT savvy with electronic devices?

    Maybe careful editing and proofreading would fix some of the errors.

    Let’s look at your first sentence:
    Everyone of us aware about the significance and benefit of applying technology and digital devices in the classroom, however minor educators really use them in a proper way.

    There’s a missing verb.
    Everyone of us IS aware OF the significance and benefit of applying technology and using digital devices in the classroom; however, educators need to be informed about how to use them in the most effective way.

    Notice how I used the semicolon to SEPARATE the two INDEPENDENT CLAUSES. The semicolon separates them. There is a comma after the word “however.”

    I don’t know what you mean by “minor educators.”

    In any case, I think this is a very good post and I enjoyed the video.




  8. Hi Aigerim,
    I agree with your concern about teachers’ shift towards technology. I think education is few steps behind the other social spheres. The same is about teachers. Teachers are afraid to use technology because they a also few steps behind the students. I think teachers should be the promoters of technological revolution in education. Only the we can expect mass change in education.
    However, I don’t understand your scepticism towards the use of technology in education for entertainment. I believe that learning can an be entertainment. I am interested are you that sceptic about the use of technology for entertainment in class?


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