Building links – Literature Review

I believe on essential significance of reviewing previous literature in the filed of study. Significance of literature review is crucial, because this relies on experience and findings of previous studies, so the researchers do not have to invent something from scratch. I assume that it is possible to draw parallel between literature review and building on experience, which happens naturally in human development. For instance, there is no need to invent a new formatting style, like APA, but to develop it if necessary.

Development of proper literature review requires a systematic approach, but I believe that literature review demonstrates individual perception of a researcher, so it is possible to argue the existence of one suitable method for everyone. Nevertheless, here I discuss some strategies, which I personally find useful. In order to organize main themes in my review, I enumerate resources according to key words and separate into groups, so I can concentrate on specific books or articles. I separate my resources into parts, as my thesis topic investigates a problem, where different educational aspects intersect. However, generally it is problematic to indicate intersection points, because various studies concentrate on different aspects, which do not intersect to the point of my study. Unfortunately, indicating intersection point is not the only challenge in reviewing literature.

Finding appropriate resources for literature review is a common challenge for many master students. However, this make a problem until a researcher finds one appropriate resource. As soon as one good article is found, this makes the task simpler, as references from the article could be used. The answer to a good article is beyond the scope of this blog. There are also issues, which to some extend, challenge researchers: language barrier, difficulty in finding relevant articles to Kazakhstani context, deductive skills of a researcher, time etc.

Time is the most important resource for off-campus online master students in thesis writing. Recently, I have changed my job, and suffering from adaptation period that I cannot spend sufficient time on studies.

To sum up, literature review requires individual approach for every person. Regarding the individualism every student faces different problems to various extend. Apparently, time-management is the most valuable resource for master students.

1 thought on “Building links – Literature Review

  1. I like your link between doing the lit review and building upon experience. No one is isolated; we are all connected to one another. Likewise, no article is isolated; each builds on the work of many others.

    In the second paragraph, I think you mean that there is NO one suitable method for everyone. You are definitely right about that. Like the assigned video said–doing research and developing a lit review is not “linear.” You have to go in so many different directions and you sometimes get lost!

    Nicely done!

    5 out of 5


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