Literature review my First love… (Part IV)

Barbara Smith First Love in Literature

In this post I would like to share my experience of writing literature review. Last year, I was fully introduced to the concept of literature review and I was really ‘falling in love’ with this section of research. In order to understand my own research topic I found some sources which showed me the meaning of my topic. During the process of long night reading and surfing the internet I noticed that I had started to get more deeply involved the process of research. Without a doubt it was an amazing feeling because before I even did not imagine that different literatures could create a miracle of combining all these sources which finally yield a product referred to as a research.

The topic of my research is a Principal’s leadership, where the main focus of the study is teachers` perception of their Principal’s skills at school. There are some challenges that any ordinary students faces during the collection of literatures. It could seem to be biased but it is indeed difficult to find researches which have been conducted in Kazakhstan. I do not know the reasons why there is a lack of research in Kazakhstani context but that are a fact. That is why I needed a lot of time to find appropriate sources which relates to my research, especially research in Kazakhstan. Fortunately, I have found literatures from different countries such as the United States of America, China, Canada, Brazil, and England. Now I am in the process of reading, highlighting and understanding what different authors have sought to explain in their researches.

Personally, I always try to make any process of writing into some kind of game, whereby I need to win the ‘dark side’. For me, the most interesting part is has always been preparation and writing process rather than the final product. That has been my small secret of how to deal with different tasks. Consequently, I use this kind of approach to encourage my own students in the learning process and without a doubt I can say that my students are quite involved in my classes.

In conclusion, it is possible to say that the literature review play significant role in any research. I have recognized that without literature review it is impossible to have in-depth understanding of your thesis. Moreover, the process of reading and then writing main point from the literature need huge amount of time which I absolutely have not really had. The solution is to stay focused in and take control of your personal time and manage your daily life regime. It is only through this way I have tried to do my best. Thank you!

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3 thoughts on “Literature review my First love… (Part IV)

  1. This is a very strong post, but a bit wordy at times:

    “In conclusion, (it is possible to say that) the literature review play significant role in any research.” Omit the parenthetical phrase.

    “In order to understand my own research topic I found some sources which showed me the meaning of my topic.” This one is a bit more circular, like “I went the store because I needed to buy the things that I needed at the store.” Try instead to focus on main idea earlier in your sentence: “I found that by reading various articles, I better understood my topic.” 25% fewer words and a bit more direct.

    Nice job!


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  2. Dear Oral,
    As we all know and realize that time is the most valuable source in our life and the most pivotal factor to be successful, especially in our study and carrier. Most of students, who work full time and study have deficit of it to accomplish all assignments on time.
    What approaches do you use to do everything before deadline?


    1. Dear Almira,

      Thank you for your comment of my post. Your question is such relevant today that I can say that sometimes I do my assignments before deadline but I could not finish at the time as well. That is why I think that time-management is the key to solving this problem. Moreover, I can say that the level of provided task is not difficult as it was expected but to put all your thoughts into the paper that is big challenge for me.


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