Writing Literature Review.

From the beginning, it is perhaps useful to mention that the purpose of the literature review is to structure a foundation that will support my research about women leadership in multicultural environment.

I started to organize the main themes by the central ideas identified in the scholar articles and books about women leadership. There are many articles about topic related to my research questions and by organizing key studies thematically I will have opportunity to structure the theories and concepts in logical body. As the topic about female leadership in multicultural environment will be developed in the literature review, I decided to systemize the sources by concepts: from general principals to the specific discrete pieces of information. For smooth linking of the main ideas I think it will be a good strategy to build and connect concepts together on one another. By doing this the readers could easily follow the sound logic of my writing.

During the stage of collecting scholar books and journals related to the topic I was faced with several problems. To be more specific it was difficult to identify the key words. Due to the differences in languages I discovered that in American resources “leadership” occasionally used as “superintendence”. Another word is “multicultural”. This term includes the diverse meanings from different ethnicities and cultures to social-economical background and inclusive education.

Currently I am analyzing and identifying the main ideas presented in the articles and books. I am filling in a mind map (and a table) where I classify and categorize the main concepts. Before that I was given recommendations from my supervisor about appropriateness of my sources.

Overall, I could state that the procedure of structuring the literature review could not be identified as straightforward and easy process. Finding the accurate scholar article by key words, organizing the main ideas in purposeful and meaningful structure are complications that will help every master student to develop necessary research skills.


2 thoughts on “Writing Literature Review.

  1. Dear Zhanna,
    thank you for useful tips that are applicable to any novice researcher in choosing sources for literature review. For me it was interesting to read about the term “multicultural” that is controversial for different ethnicities.
    Last year I used this term for my first reaerch work for inquiry methods and it was surprising that professors did not understand what I meant by this word. They recommended me to find another word that would be more suitable for the context of my reasearch. But now after reading your post I understood the reason of this advice.
    Regarding task for this week (to challenge their writing) I think that your writing style is appropriate and the language you use is definitely academic and very understandable for readers.


  2. Great post, Zhanna. I appreciate reading your detailed experience, and I see that you have a strong idea about how to elicit and organize the concepts of your lit review. Well done!

    There are two language points I’d like to point out:
    1) Could: “Overall, I could state that…” Here, it sounds like you COULD do something, but maybe you won’t. “I could go to China… if I wanted to.”
    In general, these phrases like “I would like to state” are unnecessary and wordy. Isn’t it stronger to jump into your main point? “Overall, the procedure of structuring the literature review cannot be identified as straightforward and easy process.”

    2) More wordiness. “During the stage of collecting scholar books and journals related to the topic I was faced with several problems.To be more specific it was difficult to identify the key words.” 31 words. Here I would combine the two sentences and cut down some unnecessary writing:

    “While collecting scholarly books and journals, I was faced with several problems, like identifying the key words.” 17 words. Much of the assumed information is omitted and your message comes through more clearly and directly.



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