My long way to literature review…

My main theme is perceptions of formative assessment in Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools in Kazakhstan. Searching for close literature I defined the main themes: raising effectiveness of formative assessment in the classroom, understanding perceptions of teachers and students and implementation of formative assessment in experimental schools in Kazakhstan.

One of the main challenges for me is that while I was looking for the “right” literature, I faced with great deal of academic papers which looked like “almost fine” for my  research question. Reading them carefully I realized how far majority of them from my main interest.  Now I know the only thing:  the more you read, the deeper you start understanding your research questions from inside.  

Searching for suitable scholar papers for my research questions, as I am interested in perceptions of formative assessment by teachers is quite difficult. In most of articles I found the main concepts are the importance and effectiveness of formative assessment in science and math, whereas my main concern is English language field, even I changed  the key words according to our supervisor’s recommendation, I was not so lucky to find good literature about formative assessment of English teaching environment as a second language in other countries, but  I was lucky as one of my groupmates,  Guldana Tazhimbetova  advised me  to study Dylan Wiliam’s research, as he is one of the main experts in the issue of formative assessment for many years. Concerning the main audience, most of the research has been done in higher education and in primary schools all around the world. The main problem there has been no research conducted in Kazakhstan, as it is one of the new education reforms in the chain of NI Schools. The lack of resources highlights the necessity and importance of formative assessment in the context of experimental schools in Kazakhstan.

To be honest, I am still in the process of reading and analyzing 17 articles I chose from 52 for writing my literature review. I have just started organizing my lit review table and concept map, as well as I am trying to connect it with my research questions which   I mentioned above. With each reading I am getting more inspired  and enthusiastic to start writing my literature review, keeping in mind, that it is a non-stop continuous cycle process in thesis writing.

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